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AmCham Shanghai's Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility Committee is pleased to accept nominations for the 2023 Annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Awards. Join business leaders, government, think tanks, and non-profit organizations from China for this year's awards, which will be held on Friday, December 1st, and will follow the following theme: Sustainable Futures: Collaboration, Leadership, & Solving Real Problems.

The annual awards, which initially began in 2005, are open to any corporations, including Chinese and foreign companies, that fill in and submit a completed award nomination form. All applicants will be invited to the 2023 AmCham Shanghai CSR Awards Ceremony, Conference and NGO Fair, and award winners will be announced at the event. Deadline for submission of completed nomination form: 5 PM, September 29, 2023.

Click here to download the award nomination form.

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We are also accepting applications for the 2023 CSR Awards' NGO Fair, where NGOs and social enterprises may join as free exhibitors, taking place on the same day at the awards. Click here to download the exhibitor application form.


We offer five award categories this year:

  • The Innovation Award is presented to a corporation that has introduced innovative ideas, programs, or projects for addressing complex social, economic, or environmental issues. The evaluation will be based on the applicant's 2022 and 2023 (October 2022 – August 2023) performance, including any ongoing projects or initiatives within China.
  • The Scale of Impact Award recognizes companies whose programs and partnerships have resulted in making an impact in the industry that is actionable and sustainable, especially in solving complex social, economic, or environmental challenges.
  • The Collaboration Award is intended to encourage external partnerships that demonstrate the value of collaboration with local non-profits, competitors, peers, industry associations, or government agencies across value chains that are focused on solving complex social, economic, or environmental challenges.
  • The NGOs/Social Enterprise of the Year Award recognizes a non-profit organization or social enterprise that has shown excellence in the development and delivery of programs, or a for-profit social enterprise whose business mission and model focus on solving a social, economic, or environmental issue.
  • The Changemaker Award will be awarded to a standout candidate from the other award categories by our Judging Panel. This award aims to encourage projects or teams that may not have the benefit of full capacity or resources and yet found a way to deliver outstanding results.

These awards are aimed to showcase and recognize organizations that have made significant contributions to the CSR and sustainability communities in China and are open to any corporations, organizations, and institutions, including Chinese and international ones.

Please send all application materials by 5 PM, September 29, 2023, electronically to:


For more information, please call Mr. Jean-Yves Lavoie at 6169 3029 or email at

For sponsorship opportunities, please contact Zoe Zhang


The AmCham Shanghai CSR Awards were established in 2005. This annual program serves as a platform for corporations, social enterprises, and CSR professionals to share their best practices, including but not limited to creating shared value, corporate purpose, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) commitment, social innovation, environmental initiatives, educational efforts, sustainable supply chain, community outreach, employee wellbeing, public health and safety, employee engagement, and public-private partnerships. By bringing together businesses, government, think tanks, and non-profit organizations in a single platform to promote cross-border collaboration and value-based partnerships, AmCham Shanghai has maintained a legacy of more than 15 years of leadership in China's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) development.

Throughout this time, the annual AmCham Shanghai CSR awards have celebrated best practices initiated by organizations through their positive ESG actions. Over the last few years, we have observed a shift in focus from externalized programs to those that incorporate ESG into the business model. With the world becoming more complex, and the impacts of environmental, social, and economic challenges growing greater, the need for organizations to become more resilient and in tune with shifting societal needs and expectations requires a balance between flexibility, risk-taking and control, and greater levels of governance.

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Last year's 2022 AmCham Shanghai CSR Award winners:

The Innovation Award: Waste2Wear Textiles Import & Export, for its innovative blockchain smart contract, which uses smart seals with non-duplicable keys to safely and accurately track items for recycling along the whole supply chain. Compared to the production of non-recycled polypropelene, Waste2Wear's RPP recycled plastic production saves 46% water, 71% Co2, and 88% energy.

For more information, see:

The Impact Award:RESET Carbon, for its Carbon Leadership Program, a carbon management program for manufacturing facilities in the apparel industry which merges and shares carbon reduction knowledge and solutions for the benefit of the whole industry. The program has provided carbon reduction insights to 400 facilities in 23 countries.

For more information, see:


The Collaboration Award: Cargill Investments (China), for its collaboration with China Agricultural University on the China-US Ruminant Nutritionist Certification Program, which runs nutritionist training and talent development to help nutritionists from China's dairy industry gain professional certification training and hone their scientific knowledge of feed. The program provided training to more than 80 professionals from a number of dairy cattle breeding enterprises, benchmark ranches, and family farms, covering a total of over 2.5 million cows and 500,000 beef cattle.

For more information, see: (in Chinese)


The NGO/Social Enterprise of the Year Award: China Youth of Tomorrow, for its programs that help disadvantaged first-generation college students in China by providing one-on-one career and life coaching mentorship and one-on-one overseas university application mentorship. China Youth of Tomorrow has reached and inspired 5 million Chinese youths, benefited 300 first-generation college students, and helped 70 first-generation college students gain admission to universities abroad, including Oxford and Cambridge.

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