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Super Bowl season is always an exciting time for football fans. Super bowl is the major NFL league championship of the year, the winner will be known as the "world champion". Super bowl is the most popular sports event in the United Sates, and has gradually become an unofficial national festival in the United States. Every year, Super Bowl attracts three times more TV viewers than MLB (Major League Baseball) and NBA Finals combined, making it the most watched TV program in the United States. The Super Bowl is, first and foremost, a football game, but it's not just a football game. For super-fans and casual observers alike, the Super Bowl is THE football game!

Join us next Monday for a morning of food and football to watch Super Bowl live with our local Nanjing Tigers football team!

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Oasis Bar

IST Plaza, No. 132 Zhongshan Road
NanjingJiangsu, China

If you have any questions please contact Katherine Zhao

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