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1998年进入中国市场的老牌企业A.O.史密斯在硝烟弥漫的中国家电市场上一直保持其领先的地位,这与它优秀的企业管理,卓越的企业文化和人才战略密不可分。上海美国商会南京中心邀请会员于6月17日星期四10:00 - 13:00一起探访位于南京溧水区的A.O.史密斯环境电器工厂。A.O.史密斯集团的高级管理层将从企业发展的角度介绍A.O.史密斯的发展战略,我们也同时邀请到EHS和企业文化和企业社会责任的负责人来谈一谈他们的最佳实践。











When you browse for water heater and water purifier on the e-commerce platform, the search results tell you that there are more than 100 pages of product catalog for you to choose from. A. O. Smith's products always rank in the top three by sales volume. Even in the context of the impact of COVID-19 and the slowdown of consumption growth, A. O.  Smith has successfully achieved the growth of the share of the online and offline markets, and has become a successful model for the innovation and development of the home appliance industry.

A. O. Smith, a traditional enterprise which entered China in 1998, has managed to maintain its leading position in the competitive Chinese home appliance market. This is inseparable from its excellent enterprise management, outstanding corporate culture and talent strategy. AmCham Shanghai Nanjing center invites you to visit A. O. Smith Environmental Products plant in Lishui District of Nanjing from 10:00 - 13:00 on Thursday, June 17. The senior management of A. O. Smith will introduce A. O. Smith's strategy from the perspective of enterprise development. We also invite the person in charge of EHS, corporate culture and corporate social responsibility to talk about their best practices.

Who Should Attend

CEO/CFO/CMO/COO, General Manager, Operations Director, EHS Manager, HR Manager, Corporate Culture Specialist and CSR Specialist

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A.O.Smith (China) Environmental Products CO., LTD.
No.66 Lixing Road, Lishui Development Zone
NanjingJiangsu, China

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