Wednesday, December 7, 2022 (2:00 PM - 4:00 PM) (GMT+8)

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AmCham Shanghai Conference Center

27F, Infinitus Tower

No.168 Hubin Road, Huangpu District

Shanghai, China

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Repeated flareups in geopolitical tensions as well as global economic slowdowns make it vital for businesses in China to prepare for various crisis scenarios. Drivers of recent volatility include:

  • US-China competition and decoupling pressures;
  • Continued China zero-COVID measures, which drive operational, security, supply chain, and travel risks;
  • Regulatory challenges, including export control, stringent cybersecurity requirements, and sanctions.

Companies in China must therefore prepare for a more uncertain strategic environment in the coming years. Crises can come from any facet of business. And companies need to manage various issues including local stakeholder relations, corporate citizenship, reputation management, crisis preparation, social media engagement, employee engagement and internal strategic alignment with headquarters.

To provide members with more guidance on how to manage crisis and best practices for various scenarios, AmCham Shanghai will organize a crisis management workshop with Control Risks' Thomas Zhang (Principal, Crisis and Security Consulting) and Daniel Rechtschaffen (Analyst, Global Risk Analysis) on December 7, 2022 at the AmCham Shanghai office. Thomas and Daniel will give an overview of top geopolitical, operational, and regulatory risks facing companies in China, followed by a one-hour workshop in which participants will act as in-house crisis management teams during a simulated crisis.


  • 美中战略竞争与脱钩压力;
  • 防疫政策对企业运营、安全、供应链和差旅安排造成的挑战;
  • 出口管制、网络安全要求与相关制裁层出叠现,监管挑战加剧。

危机可能潜藏于所有业务环节——由此,企业需要管理各类风险,包括与本土利益相关方的关系、企业公民意识、企业声誉管理、危机公关、社交媒体、员工参与度以及与总部的内部战略协调合作等。12月7日(周三)下午2-4点,上海美国商会将携手化险咨询(Control Risks)危机与安全咨询负责人Thomas Zhang全球风险分析师Daniel Rechtschaffen,在商会办公室举办危机管理工作坊,就危机管理提供指导和最佳实践分享。演讲人将先概述企业在华面临的主要地缘政治、运营与监管挑战;在第二个环节——情景实践中,与会者将有机会模拟危机管理职能团队角色,处理不同的危机情境。

Who Should Attend 适宜参会对象:

  • Executives with Crisis Management responsibility 危机公关
  • GA Practitioners 政府关系从业者
  • Public Relations Officers 公共关系/事务从业者
  • Communications Officers 企业传播/宣传部门从业者
  • Legal Officers 企业法务人员