The AmCham Shanghai HR Committee will host its 2024 kick-off event on the subject of Deliberately Developmental Organizations (DDO) on Tuesday, February 27, from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., in the AmCham Shanghai Conference Room.

During the event, our two seasoned speakers will help us discover the core principles and philosophy behind Deliberately Developmental Organizations and how they can revolutionize our approach to work and professional development. They will also share practical strategies for implementing DDO principles in the workplace.

This event is a unique opportunity to gain profound insights into fostering a culture of deliberate development, creating a workplace where learning is continuous and innovation thrives.

上海美国商会人力资源委员会将于 2 月 27 日星期二下午 3:00 至 5:00 在上海美国商会会议室举办以锐意发展型组织 (DDO) 为主题的 2024 年启动活动。

活动期间,我们的两位经验丰富的演讲者将帮助我们发现锐意发展型组织背后的核心原则和理念,以及它们如何彻底改变我们的工作和职业发展方法。 他们还将分享在工作场所实施 DDO 原则的实用策略。



  • Janet Wu (HR Director of Learning and Development at Schaeffer Greater China)

    Janet Wu

    HR Director of Learning and Development at Schaeffer Greater China

    Ms. Wu Minli (Janet) joined Schaeffer Greater China in 2014 as HR director of Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding. She rotated to HR Business Partner (Operation) 2 years later. Since 2018, Ms. Wu has been working as HR director of Learning and development for Schaeffler Greater China. Prior to this, Ms. Wu had been worked in PepsiCo Food, Wyeth Health and Yum Group in China as marketing professional till marketing director. With her 15 years marketing experience, Ms. Wu strongly believes that the foundation of HR function existence is to know business and know people and provide high value-added and sustainable human capital solutions. Forging ahead in the current era full of opportunities and challenges, Ms. Wu endeavours to connect internal and external, benchmark market excellences, encourage innovation and breakthrough, consequently, to provide advanced and future oriented learning and development solution for the organization.

    吴敏莉女士,于2014年加入舍弗勒,担任舍弗勒大中华区招聘和雇主品牌总监。2年后,轮岗至人力资源业务伙伴总监(运营)。从2018年起, 担任舍弗勒大中华区学习与发展总监。此前,吴敏莉女士曾就职于百事食品、 惠氏制药和百胜集团,担任市场部相关工作,直至市场总监。 吴敏莉女士拥有15年的市场运营经验, 深信根据业务需求提供高增值且可持续的人力资本解决方案是人力资源部门存在之本。在当下充满挑战和机遇的大时代中,吴敏莉女士一直努力通过链接内外部, 对标市场先进, 鼓励创新突破, 为业务提供与时俱进和面向未来的学习与发展解决方案。

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  • Fiona Xue (Translator of《人人文化DDO》; DDO本土核心推动者 《组织进化年会》发起人)

    Fiona Xue

    Translator of《人人文化DDO》; DDO本土核心推动者 《组织进化年会》发起人

    • Personal purpose: Boosting productivity through new ways of working and collaborative models.
    • Fiona has over 20 years of experience in OD, TD, and leadership development for Fortune 500 companies in China and Asia.
    • Fiona has extensive experience in conducting workshops on strategic management, future organizational culture construction, talent development, leadership development, organizational change, cross-cultural talent management, and other related topics.
    • She is the initiator of the [China Organization Evolution Forum] and a key promoter of organization evolution and new working paradigms in China.
    • She is a certified Global Holacracy Coach and a guest speaker at QingHua and Fudan University's MBA programs.
    • Her major clients include Alibaba, Ant Financial, Tencent, IKEA China, Ford Motors, Ctrip, Baidu, Volkswagen, SAIC Group, Bosch China, Decathlon, Nike, and Marc Jacobs, among others.
    • She has co-translated 4 books: 《重塑组织》《自主管理》《无畏的组织》《人人文化》面向未来协作和组织发展系列书籍

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