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In the past three years, China's business environment has undergone profound changes. More are coming. Structural economic challenges are growing while Covid-era supply and production problems force businesses to reassess manufacturing locations, geopolitical forces reshape business models, and localization pressures mount. Global and domestic megatrends are prompting businesses to rethink their long-term strategies.

To help companies understand these challenges, AmCham Shanghai is hosting a full-day conference 2023 China Trends Forum: Shaping Your Business to China's Modernization on April 20th, 2023. Leading bankers, consultants, economists, and China CEOs will offer insights into what lies ahead and how to plan for change.

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过去三年中,中国的商业环境发生了深刻得变化, 未来将会有更多。结构性经济挑战不断增加,而新冠疫情背景下供应和生产问题迫使企业重新评估制造地点,地缘政治力量重塑商业模式,本地化压力不断加大。全球和国内的大趋势促使企业重新思考其长期战略。


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