Since its establishment in 2017, China (Zhejiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone has become a new height for reform and opening-up in the new era, driving the high-quality development of an open economy. China (Zhejiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone Expansion was issued by the State Council three years later, in which the expanded area of ​​the pilot free trade zone covers 119.5 square kilometers, covering several new areas, aiming at improving high quality and building a modern and open economic system.

上海美国商会贸易投资中心携手浙江省商务厅诚邀您参加 8月 30日下午举行的"看浙江活动之中国(浙江)自贸区专题",此次活动将在上海美国商会会议中心设立分会场,届时,活动现场将与杭州主会场云连线,与浙江省领导"云端"交流。浙江省相关领导和自贸区负责人将会深入解读自贸区相关政策,从其产业发展和商业机遇着手,助力企业深入了解浙江、走进浙江, 共同分享浙江改革发展的红利,创造更多合作共赢的价值。

AmCham Shanghai's Trade & Investment Center together with Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province cordially invites you to join us on August 30th at the AmCham Shanghai Conference Center, which is the sub venue, and it will be connected to Hangzhou via online.

The event will focus on the relevant policies, its industrial development and business opportunities, and help enterprises and global investors to get a taste of the new tendency, maximize the benefits and gradually guide enterprises to improve their own strategic layouts and investment decisions.


15:45 签到

16:00 活动开场,嘉宾介绍

16:05 浙江省商务厅领导致辞

16:10 上海美国商会致辞

16:15 浙江自贸试验区推介、最新政策解读

17:05 美资企业、机构代表发言


15:45 Registration

16:00 Guests Introduction

16:05 Opening remarks by official from Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province

16:10 Remarks by AmCham Shanghai

16:15 Policy Interpretation of China (Zhejiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone

17:05 Keynote Speeches


AmCham Shanghai Conference Center (Xintiandi)

27F, Infinitus Tower

No.168 Hubin Road, Huangpu District

Shanghai, China

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