AmCham Shanghai's Trade & Investment Center invites you to join us for the event - Industrial Park Series: Sino-German (Changzhou) Innovation Industrial Park & A New Context of Foreign Investment - on June 24 from 2:00-4:00 pm at AmCham Shanghai Conference Center. Representatives from SGIP of Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, will share their insights into the potential investment opportunities and latest investment information in the region, and the relevant experience on the topic of "Foreign Investment Risks and Countermeasures". Attendees will have the opportunity to have face-to-face talks with Head of Jintan District, the government officials and leaders from SGIP, and Representative from Caplugs to further understand the region's current foreign investment outlook and opportunities.


As the bridgehead of China's economy, the Yangtze River Delta has highlighted its crucial position in overseas investment. Along with national strategies such as Yangtze River Delta Integration, Changzhou has seized the momentum and taken the initiative in its comprehensive development, which makes it a unique "city pacesetter" in the region.


China has surpassed the U.S. as the world's largest investment destination, the key point of which is that China has made use of its unique system advantages during the pandemics. the "Measures for the Security Review of Foreign Investment" was released on December 19 last year in the context of the constant increase of foreign investment in China, signaling that China will pay more attention to the prevention and risk control. What kind of new problems and challenges caused by the latest measures, and how to cope with the new regulations, are key issues which foreign enterprises are worth heeding.


About Jintan District and Sino-German (Changzhou) Innovation Industrial Park:

Being the geographic center of the Yangtze River Delta, Jintan District is located in the west of Changzhou City. Jintan covers an area of 976.7 square kilometers and houses a registered population of 560,000 and a permanent population of 728,000. It is known as the "Blessed Land on the East Bank of the Yangtze River". In November 1993, Jintan was changed from a county to a county-level city and then to a district in May 2015. At present, it has jurisdiction over six towns, three sub-districts, one provincial-level economic development zone, one provincial-level high-tech zone and two provincial-level tourist resorts. In recent years, the growth of Jintan's major economic indicators has outpaced most of the counties, county-level cities and districts in southern Jiangsu. With the overall strength growing steadily, it ranked 39th among the national top 100 districts in 2019.


Sino-German (Changzhou) Innovation Industrial Park (or SGIP) is located in the core area of Jintan District, Changzhou City. It is close to the main urban area in the city with convenient transportation and complete supporting facilities. As the key area of promoting cooperations between Changzhou City and German-speaking countries identified by Changzhou municipal government, SGIP is also known as a concentration area for SMEs from America and other European countries. SGIP covers an area of 27.5 square kilometers, 10.1 square kilometer of which is known as the central area. By the end of 2020, there has been over 300 foreign enterprises investing in the area while the number of European and American companies is increasing by 20-30 every year. Undoubtedly, SGIP has become the area with the highest degree of foreign enterprise agglomeration, the fastest increase in the number, and the most abundant available space in Changzhou. In order to better serve the foreign enterprises in the park, we built the German Center in the core area of SGIP in 2020, which covers an area of 148 acres with four functional centers: business center, service center, incubation center and exchange center.


Leading industries: High-end equipment manufacturing, new energy vehicles and auto parts, PV new energy, new generation mobile communication, bio-technology and new pharmaceutics



14:00 Registration & Networking

14:30 Opening Remarks

14:35 Speech by Representative from SGIP

14:40 SGIP Introduction

14:50 Experience Sharing: How do foreign investors address potential problems in China

15:20 Speech by Company Representative

15:40 Q&A


14:00 签到及交流

14:30 开场致辞

14:35 SGIP领导致辞

14:40 SGIP园区推介

14:50 经验分享:外商投资应如何应对潜在的风险和问题

15:20 企业代表发言

15:40 问答环节


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