On June 1, 2020, the "Overall Plan for the Construction of Hainan Free Trade Port" was officially released, proposing the development methodology of "6+1+4",and putting forward more than 60 investment preferential policies. It has shown that Hainan's comprehensive deepening of reform and opening up and aroused great attention from global investors. As China's largest free trade pilot zone to attract the tide of global capital blew in, the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port is a new measure to expand opening up and actively promote economic globalization.

上海美国商会商贸投资中心携手海南省贸促会3月25日(周四) 15:00-17:00给商会会员带来一场海南自由贸易港专题线上宣讲会,相关领导和专家库成员将会深入解读海南自由贸易港政策,从自贸港产业发展、商业机遇和投资热点着手,帮助企业和投资者全方位把握海南发展动态,获得最大化的政策红利,助力企业在新常态下战略布局、投资和增速发展。

AmCham Shanghai Trade & Investment Center cordially invites you to our online briefing on investment trends in Hainan Province presented by the representatives and experts from CCPIT Hainan from 15:00-17:00 on March 25 (Thursday).

The seminar will start from the key industrial development planning, business opportunities and investment hotspots, help enterprises and global investors to understand the new tendency, maximize the benefits under dividend policies and gradually guide enterprises to improve their own strategic layouts and investment decisions.


  • 15:00 开场
  • 15:10 嘉宾致辞
  • 15:15 专题研讨/主题演讲- 海南自贸港宏观政策解读 (海南省省委自贸办专家)
  • 15:45 专题研讨/主题演讲- 海南自贸港产业发展趋势及布局优势(崔凡教授)
  • 16:15 专题研讨/主题演讲- 海南自贸易港重点产业园区的产业定位及竞争优势 (海南自贸区相关代表)
  • 16:35 问答环节


  • 15:00 Opening
  • 15:05 VIP Remarks
  • 15:15 Keynote Speech: Policy Interpretation of Hainan Free Trade Port
  • 15:45 Keynote Speech: Industrial Development Trends and Layout Advantages in Hainan Free Trade Port
  • 16:15 Keynote Speech: Industrial Positioning and Competitive Advantages of Key Industrial Parks in Hainan
  • 16:45 Q&A



This is an online-only webinar. You will receive the confirmation email with the join link & webinar ID from AmCham staff prior to the webinar.


Please note, if you plan to join using your mobile phone you will need to download the ZOOM App from your app store.


  • Fan Cui (院长 at 对外经济贸易大学海南研究院)

    Fan Cui

    院长 at 对外经济贸易大学海南研究院

    对外经济贸易大学海南研究院院长,博士生导师,全球化智库(CCG)特邀高级研究员、全球价值链研究院双聘研究员 ,研究方向涉及中国比较优势的发展趋势、全球价值链形态与生产活动空间分布、多边贸易体制、自贸区(港)研究等。

    Dean of Hainan Research Institute of University of International Business and Economics, Director of Research Department of China World Trade Organization Research Association, Expert of the Internationalization Expert Committee of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Torch Program and Senior Researcher of CCG

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  • PW

    Peng Wang

    处长 at 海南省委深改办(自贸办)政策法规处


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