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PMP assist companies achieve strategic objectives

According to the latest PMI "Pulse of the Profession®", an average of 11.4% of investment was wasted globally due to poor project performance. On average 67% of projects fail completely, in organizations that underestimate the strategic role of project management in driving change.

In recent years, the ideas and methods of project management have been accepted and recognized by more and more senior managers of various organizations. Whether it is for bidding or business negotiations, it is a mandatory requirement for employees to have a PMP certificate.

The construction of project management system requires the support and promotion of a professional team from the top to bottom. The elements of success include the team, process, culture and governance. It requires the team to have a new understanding, new ideas and new approaches of project management, in order to realize the value of project management in achieving organizational goals.


根据PMI最新发布的《职业脉搏调查》(Pulse of the Profession®),全球平均11.4%的投资因项目绩效不佳被浪费。那些低估了项目管理对推动变革所起战略性作用的组织,平均有67%的项目彻底失败。



培训目标 Training Objectives


  • 体系化知识点:五大过程组,十大知识领域,49个子过程
  • 三种逻辑思维:线性逻辑,包含逻辑,虚实逻辑
  • 应变能力:各种异常情况,复杂情况





Quick Cognition: Recognize the basic concept of project management and establish a project management thinking framework.

  • Systematic knowledge points: five process groups, ten knowledge areas, 49 sub-processes
  • Three logical thinking: linear logic, including logic, virtual logic
  • Resilience: various abnormal situations and complex situations

Learning by doing: master project management tools and methods to solve "difficult and complicated "diseases" in project management.

Documents, tool technology, process, system model. . . Master various management skills.

Theory returns to practice: knowledge points are interspersed with practical cases, and project management soft skills.

High pass rate: successfully pass the PMP qualification examination.

培训亮点 Training highlights


—   15次直播课梳理项目管理体系

—   3+1次直播 解析模拟试卷易错点

—   1次直播 考前冲刺辅导


—   图文,音频,独家印刷资料

—   在线模拟题库,智能刷题

—   易迪思精品公益录播课免费听


—   社群抱团相互督促,告别孤军奋战

—   讲师&助教联手促学

22 live broadcasts and 44 hours of live online lectures

  • Sorted out the project management system in 15 live classes
  • 3+1 times live, analyze fallibilities of simulation test paper
  • 1 live, a sprint coaching session before the exam

Set knowledge, question bank, strategy in one

  • Image-text, audio, exclusive printed materials
  • Online simulation question bank, intelligent quick test
  • Free listening to the boutiquepublic welfare class recording of Eddic.

Clock in for study like a game for 21 days, refuse to rote learning, master PMP knowledge

  • Communities urge each other, farewell to fight alone. 
  • Lecturers and assistants work together to promote learning.

报名信息 Registration Information


  • 2020.09.01开班


  • 初考费:3900 元
  • 重考费:2500 元 (考试机构收取)

Register information

  • Training start on September 1st, 2020

Examination fee (not included in training fee)

  • Initial examination fee: ¥3900 per person
  • Retest fee: ¥2500 per person (charged by the examination institution)

课表 Timetable

PMBOK第六版 知识体系串讲

PMBOK (sixth edition)

Sort out the knowledge system


09/22-09/24;09/28-09/30(工作日)(working days)

时间 每晚7:30-9:30总计30小时直播课

Time : 19:30-21:30 every day, 30 hours of live class in total



Online tutoring

模拟题直播答疑:live for Q&A of practice exams

11/04;11/11;11/18;11/25(工作日)(working days)


19:30-21:30 every day, 8 hours of live class in total


Wechat group message answering: at any time


practice exams and sprint coaching session

考试时间    examination time

11/01;11/07;11/14;11/21(模拟考,四小时)(Mock exam, 4 hours)


sprint coaching session before the exam

(A total of 6 hours of live class on Saturday)   

12月05日 December 5th









4. 随时随地自主学习

线上课程具有一定时间段的学习期, 可通过手机、电脑弹性化、个性化开展学习



Online Course: Project-based learning, a total of 5 modules, 120 minutes, including scene examples, video explanations, case discussions, after-school testing, partner circle discussions, etc. The course supports computer and mobile phone playback.

1. Practical case application analysis

Practice case analysis, intuitive and clear practical application

2. Low-structured course

Low-structured curriculum to efficiently match fragmented learning

3. Learning project to unlock learning

The course is developed in the form of a learning project, helping to unlock to practically learn the course curriculum. Afterwards participants will be tested where only full marks will allow progression to the next stage, and finally a wrap up by sharing the course theme collectively with your partners

4. Learn independently, anytime, anywhere

Online courses allow for independent study, which can be customized through mobile phones, computers, and personalization.

5. Save time and travel costs

Though ensuring participant learning, the physical travel is reduced and work is not affected, making travel and time costs are saved


Member Ticket
Standard Price RMB 2,880
Member Company Employee
Standard Price RMB 2,880
Non-Member Ticket
Standard Price RMB 3,200