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In an effort to promote the resumption of work and production and stabilize foreign investment and trade enterprises, Jiangsu provincial government issued specific guidance on March 13. The guidance includes measures for promoting the resumption of work and production, implementing preferential policies, stabilizing the scale of import and export, focusing on the implementation of major foreign investment projects and optimizing the business environment.


To provide members with more information on these measures, AmCham Shanghai has invited officials from the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Commerce and other relevant departments for a webinar briefing on the Business Support Measures for Foreign Investment and Trade Enterprises During COVID-19 of Jiangsu Province on April 28 at 14:30 to 16:00 pm.

为让会员企业详细了解有关外资外贸企业扶持政策,上海美国商会定于4月28日下午14:30-16:00 举办网络会议,届时将邀请江苏省商务厅及江苏省相关部门领导赴会交流。

Webinar participants will have the chance to pre-submit questions and ask questions via the chat function during the briefing. Please submit your questions to alex.jin@amcham-shanghai.org by Tuesday, April 21. This webinar is off the record and will be conducted in CHINESE ONLY.



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If you plan on joining the Webinar through your mobile phone we recommend downloading the app from your app store before the event.


If you have any questions, please contact Alex Jin at: alex.jin@amcham-shanghai.org.