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Nowadays many corporations has noticed the importance of data and aggressively kick-started its digital transformation journey. However, successful Digital Transformation involves far more than IT or DT (Data Technology) tasks, it calls for company-wide full participation of all departments. In any change management process, people/talent is always the key. As such, top management including CEO, CTO, CIO, CDO, COO, CFO, CMO, HRBP, etc. will need to co-design digital transformation strategy, set up of organization structure, develop data literacy culture within the company, build up a strong data-literated team from recruitment, training and re-skilling current staff, etc.

Dr. Toa Charm, a renowned speaker in the field of Data Literacy and Digital Transformation, will join us in this information session to help our members to get first-hand information on the critical keys and considerations for any corporation conducing Digital Transformation.

During this session, we will be covering the following aspects:

  • Global scene and China's example in Digital Transformation
  • Key successful factors and examples in Digital Transformation
  • Importance of Data Literacy and Re-skill
  • Roadmap on People Dimension in conducting Digital Transformation

时至今日,不少企业已非常重视数据的重要,更积极开展数字化转型的旅程。不过,成功的数字化转型不仅需要IT及DT(Data Technology数据技术)人员的努力,更需要企业所有部门的员工通力合作。在任何变革管理的过程中,人才/员工往往是决定成败的关键。因此,除了CEO以外,CTO、CIO、CDO、COO、CFO、CMO、HRBP等高层管理人员都需要共同制定数字化转型战略,重建组织架构、注入公司内部的数据文化,并要从招聘到培训现有员工,打造一个强大的数据团队。

湛家扬博士 Dr. Toa Charm是数据认知及数字转型领域的著名专家,他将为大家于4月17日举行一场线上直播,为正在进行数字转型的企业,提供市场第一手的成功关键与战略考虑。







2:30 PM - 3:15 PM
3:15 PM - 3:30 PM
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  • Dr. Toa Charm

    Dr. Toa Charm

    DBA,M.A.,B.Sc.,AI and Big Data Certification(MIT)
    - Chairman of OpenCertHub
    - Associate Professor, Business School, Chinese University of Hong Kong
    - Former Chief Public Mission Officer, Cyberport
    - Chairman and Principal Advisor of FinTech and AI/Big Data Start-ups
    - Chief Judge of 2019 Hong Kong ICT Awards – FinTech Award
    - Winner of 2018 CityU Outstanding Doctor of Biz. Admin. Alumni Award

    Dr. Toa Charm has over 30 years of management, marketing, consulting and executive education experience in innovation and the technology industry. He has held senior management positions in leading multinationals in Hong Kong and mainland technology and financial services companies including Cyberport, HSBC, IBM, Oracle, Kingdee and Jardine Pacific.

    During his role as Chief Public Mission Officer at Cyberport, he led his team to establish and cultivate a world-leading digital tech ecosystem in Hong Kong with 1,200+ digital tech companies from 30+ countries. He actively nurtures talents and start-ups especially in AI/Big Data and FinTech areas and is passionate about developing local IT talent.

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