全球蔓延的疫情,把企业数字化无接触式营销,精细化管理和运营,提上了新的高度。 如何通过科技手段协助企业营销工作线上化?实现在线品宣、在线获客、在线与客户建立深度沟通,在线签单等。搭建精细化管理架构,通过数据驱动实现企业的精细化管理,帮助企业无论何时都可实现收入增长。如何透过最先进的Martech平台,打造一体化的全流程的客户深度互动,同时基于对客户互动行为的收集、监测和管理,让你的企业在特殊时期,通过无接触式营销,完成从市场到销售的可监测的转化?在3月26日下午2:00,由上海美国商会主办,诚邀 DSM全球营销及销售数字化总监刘慧勤(Gin Liu)女士及EventBank市场营销总监赵红女士(Ivy Zhao)共同为大家分享以下主题:

  • B2B企业搭建基于数据驱动的营销战略,实现精细化营销管理
  • 如何利用先进的Martech平台,基于客户行为的数据收集、追踪和管理?
  • 如何通过无接触式营销,创造特殊时期的收入增长?



The spread of the global epidemic has brought digital contactless marketing, refined management to a new stage. How to assist enterprises with online marketing through martech platform? online brand promotion, online customer acquisition, online in-depth communication with customers, and online order signing. Establish a refined marketing strategy, and implement data-driven refined management for enterprises to help them achieve revenue growth at any time. Create an integrated, full-process customer in-depth interaction through advanced martech platform. At the same time, based on data collection, monitoring and management of customer interaction behaviors, push your company to complete market to sales transformation. Webinar key topic as follows:

  • B2B companies build data-driven marketing strategies to achieve sophisticated marketing management
  • Collect, track and manage data based on customer behavior through advanced martech platform
  • Create revenue growth through contactless marketing on special times

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14:00-14:05  介绍及开场致辞

14:05-14:40  B2B企业搭建基于数据驱动的营销战略,实现精细化营销管理

14:40-15:20  如何利用先进的Martech平台实现数据追踪和管理,进行无接触式营销

15:20-15:30  问答环节


  • Gin刘慧勤


    DSM 全球营销及销售数字化总监

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