There has probably never been a more exciting time to be a talent professional. In the past decade alone there have been dramatic transformations and a redefinition of "work" for almost every region, industry and role – in organizations of all sizes. While transformation and changing expectations of people at work can present challenges, they also present HR leaders with fantastic opportunities.


As talent leaders, you face the practical realities of managing this rapid change and adapting your approaches in ways that make the experience at work more personal for every employee, while also ensuring you can deliver what your organization needs, and prove the positive impact of your talent programs.


That's where this event comes in.


Create a Positive Experience throughout the Employee Lifecycle


We believe the collective wisdom and experience of talent leaders like you speaks volumes about what can be achieved when you place a priority on the people, and their employee experience.


That's why we partner with global talent management leader Saba again to present you an exclusive "Candidate & Employee Experience" sharing event.

这也是为什么我们再次携手来自美国的全球人才管理领导者Saba,为您带来一场精彩的"候选人 & 员工体验"专题分享会活动。

In this event:


  • We will share the latest released "Employee Experience" handbook which gathers the insight from more than 30 talent management professionals and industry experts from around the world.
  • 我们将详细解读最新发布的关于员工体验的Handbook,浓缩来自全球30多位人才管理专家关于员工体验的洞察
  • You'll get practical guidance from some of the most progressive, talent-focused organizations including Amex, AstraZeneca, BJC Healthcare, Fujitsu and Vulcan and you'll get provocative ideas and new approaches for managing the employee experience from prolific researchers and writers from organizations like Bersin, Brandon Hall Group, Fistful of Talent, Fosway, HR Examiner, Lighthouse Research, RedThread Research, and Towards Maturity.
  • ·您将获取来自美国运通、阿斯利康、BJC医疗、富士通等国际知名企业最实用的实践指导,还能从国际最权威的研究机构和专家,如Josh Bersin、Brandon Hall Group, Fistful of Talent, Fosway, HR Examiner, Lighthouse Research, RedThread Research, and Towards Maturity那里汲取富有创造性的人才理念和管理员工体验的新方法。
  • We will also share the most practical cases of aTalent's digital application in improving talent experience for industry leaders, including the adoption of AI and WeChat technology with the deep understanding of comprehensive talent experience journey from candidate CRM, recruitment, onboarding, L&D, succession, etc.
  • ·我们还将分享aTalent为行业领军企业在提升人才体验的数字化应用的真实案例,包括利用AI以及无处不在的微信技术,在众多财富500强客户中打造的从候选人关系,招聘,入职,学习,继任等全方位人才接触点提升体验的深刻理解


2:30 PM - 3 PM
Registration & Networking
3 PM - 4 PM
4 PM - 4:30 PM
Q&A and Networking


  • Wengang He (VP of Customer Success at aTalent)

    Wengang He

    VP of Customer Success at aTalent

    Wengang is a senior strategic & operational expert with 15+ years of Human Capital Management (HCM) industry expertise. He has rich tactical & managerial experiences in global & regional operations including in Accenture, Oracle, Merced and many other companies during which he has carried out many scaling operations, planning & exiting mission and critical business initiatives.

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  • Michael Warren (General Manager, APAC at Saba)

    Michael Warren

    General Manager, APAC at Saba

    Throughout Michael's career there has been a distinct focus on building systems to improve organizational capability and collaborative relationships. Over the past 15 years Michael has consulted on a wide range of projects in Europe, Asia, India and Australia across industries such as finance, government, manufacturing, defense, aviation, energy and retail. He has successfully held roles in executive management, business consulting, project management and business development.

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