AmCham Shanghai’s Future Leaders Committee (FLC) is pleased to invite you to join its first salon of 2018 on Tuesday, January 16th from 18:00–19:30 at Awana. FLC salons provide a platform for young professionals in AmCham Shanghai’s community to network, share experiences and develop long-term business leadership skills.

This salon will focus on the TED Talk “The power of believing you can improve" by Carol Dweck, a well-known psychologist, professor, researcher, and author. Nick Moritz, founder of Wolfpack Response will lead a discussion on how in a world where we all know that life-long learning is a must, we can take on a “growth mindset” that rewards ourselves and our peers not only for passing tests or getting certifications, but for engaging in the process of learning itself. A major theme of the talk is on reframing how we think about our career path, by incorporating the notion of “yet” into where we are trying to go. There is a huge difference between saying to oneself, “I’ve never managed a team before,” and reframing to: “I haven’t managed a team…yet.”

In September of 2017, Stanford Professor Dweck was awarded the Yidan Prize, a $3.8 million award for her research on the ability to learn. Join us for an interactive workshop where we will walk away with practical, actionable strategies for thinking about our learning and careers in the long term.

Please click here to view the TED Talk in advance.

Please note that this event is open to AmCham Members and employees 39 years old and under.


18:00 Registration and networking
18:30 Interactive Live-polling Discussion: How does the audience currently think about their career growth?
18:45 Video: TED Talk: The power of believing you can improve – Part 1
18:50 Group Activity 1: Internalizing Professor Dweck’s core research and message
19:10 Video: TED Talk: Part 2
19:15 Group Activity 2: Reframing strategies that can get you in the “yet” mindset
19:30 Event ends


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Employee Price
Standard Price RMB 150
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