AmCham Shanghai Trade & Investment Center cordially invites you to our Yangzhou Two-Day Business Delegation on October 26-27 (Thursday-Friday). This event will let you experience the charm of Yangzhou, give you an in-depth understanding of the latest industrial development, get an idea of the business environment there, establish contacts with the local government, and grasp first-hand policy trends and investment opportunities.


Please Note:

  • Accommodation is included; participants are responsible for their own roundtrip transportation to Yangzhou.
  • This business delegation is hosted by the government, so all registration will have to wait for government approval. You will receive a confirmation email sent from AmCham after approval, unapproved registrations will all receive a "decline" email. This event is only open to MNCs' management personnel.


  • 本次活动包含住宿。参加者需自行承担往返扬州市的交通。
  • 此次活动为政府单位主办的商务考察团,故所有报名信息均需经由政府方审核,审核通过后您将收到一封美商会发出的确认邮件,若未能通过则为"decline"。本活动仅限跨国企业中高层人员报名参加。



16:00 Arrive in Yangzhou & Hotel Check-in

17:00 Roundtable Meeting with Yangzhou Municipal Government

18:20 Banquet


7:30 Traditional Yangzhou Morning Tea

8:30 Visit Yangzhou Districts & Enterprises:Lear、Augris、Porite、SAF-HOLLAND, etc.

11:00 Investment Case Sharing by MNCs in Yangzhou:Envision Energy、Lear、New-ONF, etc.

12:00 Lunch

Return in the afternoon



16:00 抵达扬州 & 酒店入住

17:00 扬州市政府圆桌会议

18:20 晚宴


7:30 扬州早茶

8:30 扬州区域与企业考察:李尔、奥吉瑞斯新能源、保来得科技、赛夫华兰德等

11:00 扬州市跨国企业投资案例分享:远景能源、李尔汽车、森欧汽车等

12:00 午餐


About Yangzhou:

Yangzhou has titles such as "World Culinary Capital" and "East Asian Cultural Capital". It is a famous historical city in China with great economic development, and its per capita GDP ranks among the top 20 Chinese cities. Yangzhou is the geographical center of Jiangsu Province. It takes 1 hour to Nanjing (by car), 2 hours to Shanghai (by high-speed rail), 3 hours to Shenzhen (by plane), and 4 hours to Beijing (by high-speed rail). Yangzhou currently has six leading industrial clusters: high-end equipment, new energy, new materials, new generation information technology, automobiles and parts, and life science. In the future, Yangzhou will also vigorously develop aviation, industrial aircraft and robots, ships and offshore engineering equipment, smart grids, photovoltaics, energy storage, hydrogen energy, integrated circuits, artificial intelligence, food, and other industries.

扬州拥有"世界美食之都"、"东亚文化之都" 等称号,是中国历史名城,经济发展状况良好,人均GDP位列中国城市前20位。扬州是江苏省地理中心,到南京 1 小时(驾车)、到上海 2 小时(高铁)、到深圳 3 小时(飞机)、到北京 4 小时(高铁)。扬州现有6大主导产业集群:高端装备、新能源、新材料、新一代信息技术、汽车及零部件、生命健康。未来扬州还将大力发展航空、工业母机及机器人、船舶与海工装备、智能电网、光伏、储能、氢能、集成电路、人工智能、食品等产业。

Introductions of Some of the MNCs in Yangzhou:


A global automotive seat and electronic and electrical technology supplier, a fortune 500 company, one of the top ten automotive parts suppliers in the world.

Augris New Energy:

One of the key supporting suppliers in China's new energy bus industry. It specializes in the production of three major categories: new energy bus body parts, new energy vehicle electrical parts and auto parts, and provides professional supporting and technical services to commercial vehicle companies.

Porite Technology:

Japan's famous main supplier of powder metallurgy sintering machinery parts for automobiles and motorcycles. Its production base in Yangzhou is the largest single powder metallurgy factory in the world.


One of the world's largest commercial vehicle parts manufacturers. The group's brands include SAF, Holland, Neway, V.Orlandi, Corpco, KLL, York and Axscend.

Envision Energy:

Envision Technology Group is a world-leading green technology company. It consists of three main business segments: Envision Energy, a smart wind power and energy storage technology company; Envision Power, a power battery company; and Vision Intelligence, an intelligent Internet of Things company. The group's sales in 2022 has exceeded 90 billion yuan.


A joint venture of the American Sage Automotive Interiors Company, which has the world's largest market share in seat fabrics. It mainly produces environmentally friendly high-end automotive PVC and water-based solvent-free PU products.









全球最大的商用车零部件制造商之一,集团持有品牌包括SAF、Holland、Neway、V.Orlandi、Corpco、KLL、York和 Axscend 等。







Yangzhou, Jiangsu, China

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