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AmCham Shanghai's Women's Executive Network (WEN) invites you to an Afternoon of Abundance webinar from 2-3:30 pm on Thursday, April 30, 2020.

The focus of the event will be to see how we might support each other during this particularly challenging time. We will run a WEN to WEN member matching activity. Come prepared with your 'asks' and thoughts on how you can help your fellow WEN members.

The term "abundance mentality" was coined by Stephen R. Covey, author of the business bible "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People." He posited that the abundance mentality is present when people are successful, confident and secure and they apply that generosity in their dealings with others. Business transactions don't have to be win-lose - they can be win-win.

So, what if we as WEN proceed with an abundance mentality to ask for what we need to advance or succeed professionally in the aftermath of COVID- 19?

Can we WEN members be abundant in sharing the resources, ingenuity and experiences we possess to help each other and to ask for help for ourselves?

We think the answer is a resounding YES, and on April 30th we want you to come prepared to prove the validity of this hypothesis. Here's how:

Come prepared with three (3) concrete 'asks' in mind. (Please note, you cannot ask for world peace, nor can you ask to be elected to the board of Amazon, not just yet, anyway).

Over virtual coffee, we will unveil a fun and constructive way for you to share your needs, to discover those of others, and to determine who you might be able to help.

Let's see how many matches will be made and solutions found on April 30th…

A few tips/thought starters

· Be realistic when thinking about your asks: what is something your career and professional life need to move ahead one more step?

· Need someone to critique/proof your resume?

· Maybe you just need a confidante to share your fears and concerns about the future, given the impact of the virus on your business?

· Do you know you will be downsized but aren't sure how to talk about this or even where to start looking for your next role? Maybe you're the one who has to do the downsizing and you need to practice breaking the news?

· Perhaps you're the head of Business Development for your company, do you need a way to find a target company in X industry?

· If you're in line for promotion to regional role, do you need to find someone who's held a similar role before so you can conduct an informational interview about the needed skill sets for success?

· Considering retirement from your current post and looking for someone to challenge you to think creatively about your next chapter?

· Would you like to speak to someone who has faced a similar work issue?

· Are you looking for a sounding board about a career move?

· Wondering who to consult on a particular government relations issue that's been keeping you up?

· Looking for a great new PA or a recommendation for a super supply chain executive?

· Maybe you just want to talk to someone else about how they are managing working from home while home-schooling your kids. Or dealing with your elderly parents while working from home?


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If you have any questions, please contact: jenny.wang@amcham-shanghai.org



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