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Despite the massive disruptions in recent months to the global order by COVID-19, U.S.-China technology competition has continued to accelerate and bleed across sectors. One area that has particularly engaged both Washington and Beijing is artificial intelligence talent retention. Whether the two countries can hold onto their AI talent will shape U.S.-China technological competitiveness and likely remain a major focus of American and Chinese policy-making.

AmCham Shanghai is pleased to present a webinar by Matt Sheehan, a fellow at the Paulson Institute's in-house think tank, MacroPolo, that will explore the global balance and flows of elite talent in AI research. It will leverage an original data set of these researchers to show not only where these researchers are working today, but also how they got there, and what implications this has for technology policy and national competitiveness.

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  • Matt Sheehan (Fellow at Macro Polo, The Paulson Institute)

    Matt Sheehan

    Fellow at Macro Polo, The Paulson Institute

    Matt Sheehan is a Fellow at the Paulson Institute’s in-house think tank. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, he was formerly the China correspondent for The Huffington Post. For five years, he lived and worked between the Chinese cities of Xi’an and Beijing, and the Bay Area. In addition to covering China, Matt has also worked and written about the developing ties between California and China and is completing a book manuscript on that topic.

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