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Venue Location
Venue Location

AmCham Shanghai Conference Center (Xintiandi)

27F, Infinitus Tower

No.168 Hubin Road, Huangpu District
Shanghai, China

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Contact Person: Ray Cheng

Resilient teams play a critical role in helping organizations and communities prepare for, respond to, and recover from crises and disruptions. By developing proactive plans and strategies, coordinating crisis response efforts, facilitating quick recovery, and continuously improving their approach, resilient teams help ensure the ongoing viability and success of the organizations. Simply put, resilient teams perform when others fail.

Building a resilient team requires a comprehensive approach to identifying the team's scope and goals, developing the right team members and skills.

Key Learning Points:

  • Personal Resilience: Looking inward, how do we maintain our body, mind and attitude in a resilient way?
  • Social Resilience: Looking around us, our network either helps or holds us back as we face challenges. Optimizing our network is key.
  • Proactivity: Looking ahead we can be strategic in our planning and development to make sure that the best version of ourselves is present when new opportunities and challenges appear.
Session Objectives
  • Building resilience: The primary objective of a resilience team is to build and maintain resilience within the organization or community. Resilience is a mindset, which is one of the key takeaways of our Managing Resilient Teams workshop.
  • Resilient teams also have resilient networks. As the expression goes, "no man is an island" and a team works within a network of people which either support or thwart performance.
  • Responding to crises or interruptions, the resilient team stays calm and focused. This trait is essential and comes from training and developing the appropriate responses.
  • A high-performing, resilient team knows that "1 +1 > 2." That is to say, the team co-creates value within its members. In our workshop, we explore what this looks like and how to apply it.
  • Continuous improvement: A resilience team continuously evaluates and improves its approach to building and maintaining resilience. This mindset of never being satisfied is the trait and the processes of evaluating and continuous improvement are explored. 

    Aspect 1: Build Your Connections

    • Prioritize Relationships
    • Build a Group

    Aspect 2: Healthy Mind and Body 

    • Biology and productivity
    • Constructive Communication
    • Co-create mindset

    Aspect 3: Find Purpose

    • Help others
    • Be proactive
    • Prioritize
    Who Should Attend?
    Who Should Attend?

    People managers, high potentials, general staff.

    • Erik Barnes (Trainer at Sino Associate)

      Erik Barnes

      Trainer at Sino Associate


    Please use your own name and email when registering for a training session. Additional fees may apply if you fail to register under your own identity. 

    A prepayment is required for all full-day training sessions. 


    Member Ticket

    Member Price RMB 3,650

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    RMB 3,650

    Non-Member Ticket

    RMB 4,650
    • All registrations shall be made online before the session. For full-day sessions, payment also shall be made before the session.
    • For full-day sessions, AmCham Shanghai members are eligible to attend at "Member Rate"; Employees who work at AmCham Shanghai member companies are eligible to attend at "Employee Rate"; Non-members are eligible to attend at "Non-Member Rate".
    • Limited spaces are available and attendance will be given on a first-come, first-served basis.
    Walk-in and Cancellation Policy
    • Cancellation: If you need to cancel your registration for a full-day session, please notify Ray Cheng at (86 21) 6169 3015 or email at least two weeks prior to the session for a full refund. Cancellation made within two weeks before the session will not be refundable.
    • To ensure that you have a seat, please come to the session on time. Open seats will be released to other guests 15 minutes after the session starts.
    Sponsors and Partners
    Sponsors and Partners