AmCham Shanghai's Trade & Investment Center invites you to join our Industrial Series: Wuhan, Hubei Province on May 30 (Tuesday) from 2:00pm to 4:10pm at the AmCham Shanghai Conference Center. This event will thoroughly introduce the general situation and industrial layout of Wuhan and explain the city's future development prospects in detail. Attendees will have the opportunity to have face-to-face talks with both municipal and district leaders from Wuhan to further understand the region's current foreign investment outlook.


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This event is hosted by the government, only qualified registrants will be approved. You will receive a confirmation email sent from AmCham after approval, unapproved registrations will all receive a "decline" email.

此次活动为政府单位主办,故所有报名信息均需经由政府方审核通过,通过后您将收到一封美商会发出的确认函,其他报名者将收到 "decline"邮件。

About Wuhan:

Wuhan is the capital of Hubei Province and the center of economy, finance, education, medical care, and transportation. It is also the largest industrial and commercial city in central China. It has complete industries such as steel, automobiles, optoelectronics, chemicals, metallurgy, textiles, shipbuilding, manufacturing, and medicine. It is one of the first choices for foreign investment in central China. In 2022, Wuhan's GDP ranked eighth in the country, and its growth rate ranked first among the top ten.

Jianghan District: The three leading industries are modern finance, commercial logistics and business services.

Hongshan District: It has four industrial clusters of scientific and technological services, cultural creativity, business services and strategic emerging industries, and has large foreign-funded enterprises such as Pos-Austem and General Motors.

Caidian District: It focuses on advanced manufacturing industries, and has many foreign-funded enterprises from Germany, Japan, France, and the United States, including BorgWarner, Electricite De France, Webasto, and Siemens.

武汉是湖北省省会和经济、金融、教育、医疗、交通中心,同时也是华中地区最大的工业、商业城市,拥有钢铁、汽车、光电子、化工、冶金、纺织、造船、制造、医药等完整的工业体系,是外商投资中部的首选城市之一。 2022年武汉GDP位列全国第八,增速在前十名中排第一。





14:00-14:30 Check-in

14:30-15:00 Opening Speech & Introduction on Wuhan

15:00-15:45 Introduction on Jianghan District & Hongshan District & Caidian District (Analysis on Policies and Key Industries)

15:45-15:55 Speech by Corporate Representatives

15:55-16:10 Q&A


14:00-14:30 签到

14:30-15:00 开场致辞与武汉市情推介

15:00-15:45 江汉区、洪山区、蔡甸区介绍 (概况、政策推介、重点行业等)

15:45-15:55 企业代表分享演讲

15:55-16:10 问答交流


AmCham Shanghai Conference Center

27F, Infinitus Tower

No.168 Hubin Road, Huangpu District

Shanghai, China

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