We often talk about the diagnosis and treatment of neurodivergent children but spend much less time understanding the actual experience of being neurodivergent. Neurodiversity refers to people who experience and interact with the world around them in ways that are considered different from typical expectations and include autism, ADHD, mental health, and other related experiences.

AmCham Shanghai's Education Committee invites you to a session about neurodivergent learning on March 23, 3:30-5:00 pm. A keynote speaker and a panel will share their insights into the experience of neurodivergence and how to best support students in Shanghai international schools.

It will be a hybrid event. Zoom link will be sent to online attendees before the event.

我们经常谈论神经多样性儿童的诊断和治疗,但花在理解神经多样性的实际体验上的时间却少得多。 神经多样性是指那些以被认为不同于典型期望的方式体验和与周围世界互动的人,包括自闭症、多动症、心理健康和其他相关经历。上海美国商会教育委员会邀请您参加于3月23日下午3:30-5:00举办的关于神经多样性学习和教育的研讨会。演讲嘉宾将分享他们从事神经多样性教育的经历以及真知灼见,他们也会分享如何在上海国际学校社区对学生提供更为完善的支持。



3:30-3:40 pm: Opening & Introduction

3:40- 4:10 pm: Keynote speech by Dr. Shari Rosen, PhD

4:10-4:45 pm: Panel discussion

4:45-5:00 pm: Audience Q & A


Dr. Shari Rosen, PhD

Founder, ELG (The Essential Learning Group)

Dr. Rosen will share her unique perspective and experience on neurodivergent learning as an adult with ADHD, the mother of two neurodivergent children who grew up in Shanghai and having worked with hundreds of families at ELG.

Jana van Zyl

Head of Student Support & Designated Safeguarding Lead, YCIS Puxi

Dr. George Hu

Director of Psychological Services, Shanghai United Family Hospital

President, Shanghai International Mental Health Association


  • Dr. Shari Rosen (Founder of ELG)

    Dr. Shari Rosen

    Founder of ELG

    Dr. Rosen plays an integral role at ELG as founder, director, and senior consultant. Dr. Rosen saw the need for ELG in 2003 when she began consulting with families and organizations in Shanghai, which led to the founding of ELG in 2006. Dr. Rosen is currently Program Director, running ELG’s daily programs. In addition, Dr. Rosen consults with educators and specialists and is in demand as an effective and entertaining trainer for parents and professionals. She is a member of the American Speech and Hearing Association, the International Association of Special Education, and the Special Education Network in Asia (SENIA). Dr. Rosen has received many prestigious awards, including the inaugural SENIA Advocacy Award in 2014 and the International Professional Women’s Society’s Social Contributor of the Year Award in 2017. Dr. Rosen has a unique understanding of learning disabilities, based on her personal experience, is passionate about helping individuals with special needs, and sees everyone at ELG as part of one big community.

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  • Dr. George Hu (Director of Psychological Services, Shanghai United Family Hospital; President, Shanghai International Mental Health Association)

    Dr. George Hu

    Director of Psychological Services, Shanghai United Family Hospital; President, Shanghai International Mental Health Association

    Dr. Hu is a licensed clinical psychologist in California, Hawaii, Beijing, and Shanghai, and is the Chief of Mental Health at Shanghai United Family Hospital & Clinics. He earned his bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of California at Berkeley, and his Master’s and Doctor of Psychology degrees in Clinical Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant International University. He completed training rotations at the Autism Intervention Clinic at Oakland Children’s Hospital, the San Francisco Veteran’s Affairs Hospital, and the Portia Bell Hume Center in California, as well as the Shaanxi Provincial People’s Hospital in Xi’an. Previously, Dr. Hu was the Director of Psychology & Mental Health at Jiahui Health, the Clinical Director at Octave Living, and Clinical Psychologist and the Assistant Director of the Center for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy at Beijing United Family Hospital. He is also a clinical faculty member at Palo Alto University and provides clinical consultation in many parts of the world, including Southeast Asia and Central Asia.

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  • John D. Van Fleet (Director of Corporate Globalization and adjunct faculty, Antai College of Economics & Management at Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

    John D. Van Fleet

    Director of Corporate Globalization and adjunct faculty, Antai College of Economics & Management at Shanghai Jiao Tong University

    Van Fleet serves as adjunct faculty and Director, Corporate Globalization, at the Antai College of Economic & Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, where he focuses on corporate interface and development for Antai’s students and faculty. He also produces and hosts Antai’s Doing Business in China program. His research project is First Time in History, an exploration of China’s socioeconomic rise since 1978. For more than ten years, he served as founding executive director and Assistant Dean at the USC Marshall-SJTU Antai Global Executive MBA in Shanghai. Previous to his academic career, Van Fleet spent 15 years in the private sector, based in Japan and China, serving multinationals as well as startups. He is extensively published on broader aspects of business, history and society in the East Asia region, in Nikkei Asia, The Asian Review of Books, Caixin, CGTN, the China Economic Review, The Diplomat, the Royal Asiatic Society China Journal, SupChina and Xinhua News. He holds both undergraduate and MBA degrees from the University of Southern California
    John is also the Chair for Education Committee at AmCham Shanghai.

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  • Jana van Zyl (Head of Student Support & Designated Safeguarding Lead at YCIS Puxi)

    Jana van Zyl

    Head of Student Support & Designated Safeguarding Lead at YCIS Puxi

    Jana van Zyl is the Head of Student Support and Designated Safeguarding Lead at YCIS Shanghai, Puxi as well as the YCYW Cross-school Curriculum Coordinator for Wellness. She has extensive experience in, and a passion for, working with adults to support children in the areas of child protection, social/emotional development, character development, positive discipline, and special education needs. She is a trained virtues project facilitator, positive discipline facilitator and a crisis responder.

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