This is a Chinese Training. The number of participants is within 22 people.


The course will provide business managers with the fundamental concepts of accounting and finance management, so that they can handle day-to-day finance-related problems in a professional way. Furthermore, this course will help managers improve their performance by monitoring key figures and ratios in financial statements.

At the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the "Fundamental Accounting Concepts" and how the application of these concepts impact on the essence of business financial report.
  • Understand the importance of each of the 3 key financial statements (i.e. Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement and Cash Flow Statement), their limitation and relationship.
  • gain insights and skill to read and interpret financial statements in order to understand the financial condition of a business enterprise.



  • 理解"基本会计概念",以及这些概念是如何影响企业财务报告。
  • 了解这3个关键财务报表(即资产负债表,损益表和现金流量表)的重要性、局限性和相互关系。
  • 获得阅读和解释财务报表的洞察力和技能,以便了解和评估企业财务状况。


9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
财务基本概念 & 财务报表
1. 介绍财务概念以使学员对财务有形象深刻的理解,并能联想到生活和工作中处处是财务,消除对财务的恐惧,培养亲切感2. 财务会计三大报表资产负债表、损益表和现金流量表的解读:包括基本结构、内在...
1. 介绍财务概念以使学员对财务有形象深刻的理解,并能联想到生活和工作中处处是财务,消除对财务的恐惧,培养亲切感
2. 财务会计三大报表资产负债表、损益表和现金流量表的解读:包括基本结构、内在机制及相互之间的联系
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12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
财务比率分析,经营决策分析, 编制预算
1. 介绍衡量企业绩效的四组比率:获利能力比率、作业比率、流动资金比率杠杆比率。各组比率的公式表示及实际运算联系,如何解读这些比率以获知企业的经营状况。2. 成本会计简介,包括成本分析和控制...
1. 介绍衡量企业绩效的四组比率:获利能力比率、作业比率、流动资金比率杠杆比率。各组比率的公式表示及实际运算联系,如何解读这些比率以获知企业的经营状况。
2. 成本会计简介,包括成本分析和控制,以及量本利分析
3. 认知财务报表的基本概念、使用预算的意义,以及理解财务预算与报表的关系。
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  • Simon Chen (MTI)

    Simon Chen


    Simon loves his job as a freelance trainer and facilitator, and it shows whenever he delivers a workshop. Such outpouring passion makes him alive and energetic, even after delivering over 1000 sessions to over 10,000 participants in the past 18 years. This deeply entrenched passion stems from his belief that learning can be fun and effective through a careful designing of content, structure, and methodologies. And the passion also derives from his enthusiasm to help the participants to succeed in their personal and professional life.

    Most of Simon’s clients are Fortune 500 companies with a particular focus on European/American high-tech and manufactures. Though he doesn’t have much preference, the courses he has delivered most fall into two categories of leadership (awareness, management communications, motivation, coaching and team management) and professional skills (sales, marketing, project management and finance for non-finance).

    Over the past few years Simon has successfully infused the conventional, logic-based learning with intuition-based methodologies from trainings he’s received from spiritual classes such as Satir, Eriksonian Hypnosis and NLP. An avid Zen practitioner and prolific blog writer, he posts daily on social media and regularly organizes online and offline sharing.

    With an excellent command of oral and written English, Simon delivers training and facilitation workshops frequently in APAC, Europe and the US.

    He’s also taught Management Accounting for full-time MBA students during 2003-2013 at Antai College of Economics and Business, Jiaotong University. During his tenure, he’s been consistently voted best professor for teaching. Simon is an accredited trainer for German Chamber of Commerce (AHK), Situational Leadership, Peter Drucker Leadership Series, Various Programs by Wilson Learning, DISC by Persolog, TIPS® by CMOE, Target Selection® by DDI,TKI® Conflict Management Model.

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A prepayment is required for all full-day training sessions. 


Early Bird Ticket

For Member and Member Company Employees
By July 12, 2024

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Standard Price RMB 2,950
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Standard Price RMB 2,385


  • All registrations shall be made online before the session.
  • Limited spaces are available and attendance will be given on a first-come, first-served basis.
Walk-in and Cancellation Policy
  • Cancellation: If you need to cancel your registration, please notify Lucy Lu at (86 21) 6169 3015 or email at least one weeks prior to the session for a full refund. Cancellation made within one week before the session will not be refundable.


AmCham Shanghai Conference Center (Xintiandi)

27F, Infinitus Tower

No.168 Hubin Road, Huangpu District

Shanghai, China

If you have any questions please contact Lucy Lu

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Target Audience

  • Business Mangers 业务经理
  • Sales and Marketing Personnel 销售和市场人员
  • People Who Use Financial Statements 使用财务报表的人员
  • People Who Need to Produce Budgets 需要编制预算的人员