In 2021, award winning Science Fiction author Stanley Chen sat down with his former Google colleague and now lauded tech & AI investor, Kai Fu Lee, to think about how Artificial Intelligence would impact our near future. Their book AI 2041: Ten Visions for Our Future painted a picture of how artificial intelligence would integrate into and influence our worlds in twenty years time. Chat GPT was released 18 months later, pulling the not-so-distant future even closer.

Stanley Chen will join AmCham Shanghai in conversation with Zak Dychtwald to discuss his unique views on Artificial Intelligence and technological advancement's impact on humanity and society. The fireside chat will cover the below topics, as well as questions from the audience:

• How do the breakthroughs in generative AI shift the human landscape? What are the implications for work, life, politics?

• Which ideas that Stanley and Kai Fu Lee covered in AI 2041 feel most prescient today? Which feel most distant?

• What is the optimistic case for AI? Which of the pessimistic cases feel most urgent?

• How does the vantage point as a "speculative fiction" or "science fiction realism" author differ from popular technology anlysis?

• What is Science Fiction's role in society today?


  • Stanley Chen (Co-author, Artificial Intelligence’s Human Impact from AI 2041)

    Stanley Chen

    Co-author, Artificial Intelligence’s Human Impact from AI 2041

    Chen Qiufan (a.k.a. Stanley Chen) is an award-winning Chinese speculative fiction author, translator, creative producer, and curator. He is honorary president of the Chinese Science Fiction Writers Association, Culture Leader of World Economic Forum (2018/2019), Asia 21 Society Young Leader (2021), and has a seat on the Xprize Foundation Science Fiction Advisory Council. His works include the novel Waste Tide and, co-authored with Kai-Fu Lee, the book AI 2041: Ten Visions for Our Future. Previously an employee of tech giants Google and Baidu, Stanley Chen is now breaking literary barriers with a new form: by generating stories through AI.

    Chen Qiufan's short fiction works have won three Galaxy Awards for Chinese Science Fiction, twelve Nebula Awards for Science Fiction and Fantasy in Chinese. His work is often described as “science fiction realism.”

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  • Zak Dychtwald (Moderator) (CEO of Young China Group)

    Zak Dychtwald (Moderator)

    CEO of Young China Group

    Zak Dychtwald is a strategic advisor, with expertise in global cooperation, the emerging East and West youth mindset, and the interactions of rising China and the world. He is the Founder and CEO of Young China Group, a think tank and consultancy which works to deepen understanding of the effects of the evolving identity of China’s young generation on the marketplace, workplace, and international politics.

    Zak is also the author of the critically acclaimed Young China: How the Restless Generation Will Change Their Country and the World, which explores how the country’s young generation, born after 1990, feels about everything, from money and sex, to their government. In 2022, Zak was named an Asia 21 Young Leaders Fellow. He has been invited to speak at Harvard University, The Wall Street Journal's CEO Council Summit, Google’s Next Billion Users Initiative and the Aspen Ideas Festival, among others.

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