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Shanghai, China

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Contact Person: Kelly Deng




  • 理解自动化工具的定义和优势,了解常见自动化工具的概述和使用场景。
  • 掌握ChatGPT的使用方法,了解自然语言处理和生成的基础知识和应用场景。
  • 学会自动化流程设计的方法,能够分析自己的工作流程并进行优化。
  • 掌握自动化工具的应用技巧,能够使用自动化工具进行文档处理,PPT排版等
  • 提高工作效率,减少手动操作和重复性工作,让您有更多时间和精力去完成更有意义的事情。


Training introduction

In this training, you will learn how to use ChatGPT and other automation tools to improve your work efficiency. We will introduce some popular automation tools and provide some practical examples to help you understand how to apply these tools to your daily work. Whether you want to improve work efficiency or learn automation tools, this training will be a good choice. Our goal is to help you quickly master these tools and apply them to your daily work.

Training targets

  • Understand the definitions and advantages of automation tools, and comprehend the overviews and application scenarios of common automation tools.
  • Master the usages of ChatGPT, and understand the fundamental knowledge and application scenarios of natural language processing and generation.
  • Learn the methods of automated process design, be able to analyze your own workflows and optimize them.
  • Master the application techniques of automation tools, be able to use automation tools for document processing, PPT layout, etc.
  • Increase work efficiency by reducing manual interventions and repetitive tasks, allowing individuals to gain additional time and capacity to achieve more significant and purposeful accomplishments.

By completing this training, we hope to cultivate trainees' cognition and application ability of automation tools, enabling trainees to work more efficiently and intelligently. By learning this training, you will be able to better cope with tedious tasks at work, improve work efficiency and achieve a better balance between work and life.

Session Outline
Session Outline


第一章 AI技术在办公软件中的应用

  • 自动化工具的概念和优势
  • 自然语言处理和生成的基础知识和应用场景。
  • 掌握与ChatGPT对话技巧,提高办公效率
  • ChatGPT角色扮演,打造不同领域的专属AI顾问
  • AI技术在办公软件中的应用



  • 主流的AI工具的简介



第二章 PPT中的AI技术应用

  • PPT中AI智能应用



  • ChatGPT辅助PPT设计
  • Claude辅助PPT设计
  • PPT智能AI插件



  • 3分钟自动生成一份PPT
  • 页面美化,用AI帮你智能排版PPT页面内容
  • 一键动画,为PPT快速添加动态效果

第三章 EXCEL中的AI技术应用

  • Excel中AI智能应用



  • ChatGPT辅助Excel分析
  • Claude辅助Excel分析
  • Excel智能AI插件

           AI-aided Formula Editor


  • 多工作表合并与拆分
  • 解决学员企业实际问题

第四章 Word中的AI技术应用

  • 文案没灵感,让AI来帮你
  • 文字快速提取关键字词
  • 文档的自动纠错、建议
  • 自动填写、排版
  • AI助力学术论文撰写

第五章 商业数据分析中的AI技术应用

  • 获取数据生成交互式报表
  • 直接提问需求,自动生成图表
  • 交给工具自动找出效益差的原因
  • 上传数据,自动生成交互式报告

Course Outline

Chapter 1 Application of AI Technology in Office Software   

  • The concept and advantages of automation tools   
  • Fundamental knowledge and application scenarios of natural language processing and generation
  • Master the dialogue techniques with ChatGPT and improve office efficiency
  • ChatGPT role playing to create exclusive AI advisors in different fields    
  • Application of AI technology in office software 
  • Basic concepts and technologies of AI
  • Advantages of AI technology in office software
  • Introduction to mainstream AI tools
  • ChatGPT function introduction and instructions for domestic use     
  • Use the Claude intelligent AI robot without VPN

Chapter 2 Application of AI Technology in PPT

  • Intelligent AI applications in PPT
  • AI automatic layout
  • AI automatic image search
  • ChatGPT assisted PPT design
  • Claude assisted PPT design 
  • Intelligent AI plug-ins for PPT
  • MinShow application
  • ChatPPT application 
  • Generate a PPT in 3 minutes automatically 
  • Page beautification, use AI to intelligently layout PPT page content   
  • One-click animation, quickly add dynamic effects to PPT

Chapter 3 Application of AI Technology in EXCEL 

  • Intelligent AI applications in Excel
  • AI automatic analysis and formatting 
  • AI automatic charts and pivot tables
  • ChatGPT assisted Excel analysis 
  • Claude assisted Excel analysis
  • Intelligent AI plug-ins for Excel
  • AI-aided Formula Editor
  • Merge and split multiple worksheets
  • Solve practical problems of trainees' enterprises 

Chapter 4 Application of AI Technology in Word

  • Let AI help you when you have no inspiration for your article
  • Quickly extract keywords from text
  • Automatic proofreading and suggestions for documents
  • Automatic filling and formatting
  • AI empowers academic writing 

Chapter 5 Application of AI Technology in Business Data Analysis

  • Obtain data to generate interactive reports
  • Ask questions directly and automatically generate charts
  • Let the tool automatically find the reasons for the benefit difference
  • Upload data to automatically generate interactive reports
  • 赵保恒 (Gold Medal Lecturer at Eddic)


    Gold Medal Lecturer at Eddic

Who Should Attend?
Who Should Attend?



Target audience:

This course is suitable for all personnel who want to improve work efficiency, reduce manual operations and repetitive work.


Member Ticket

Member Price RMB 1,780

Member Company Employee Ticket

RMB 1,780

Non-member Ticket

RMB 1,980
  • All registrations shall be made online before the session. Payment also shall be made before the session.
  • AmCham Shanghai members are eligible to attend at "Member Rate"; Employees who work at AmCham Shanghai member companies are eligible to attend at "Employee Rate"; Non-members are eligible to attend at "Non-Member Rate".
Cancellation Policy
  • Cancellation: If you need to cancel your registration, please notify Kelly Deng at (86 21) 6169 3008 or email at least two weeks prior to the session for a full refund. Cancellation made within two weeks before the session will not be refundable.
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