AmCham Shanghai Children's Art Exhibition is back to Shanghai's international community!

This year, the theme will be SPROUT, a metaphor for spring, revival, and vitality. We invite young artists aged 18 and under to express their ideas through different forms of art, be it a painting, sculpture, photo, short video, design product, or art installation.

The judging panel will announce winners in September. Award-winning works will be exhibited at AmCham Shanghai office and the major events. Please encourage your children to submit work!



  • Please click REGISTER to fill out the application form and submit work.


  • Submission deadline: Aug 30, Wednesday, 17:00 作品提交截止日期:2023年8月30日下午5点

  • Please specify the type of your work in the application form. Regarding uploading your works, we have the following suggestions: 请在申请表中注明作品类型。上传作品过程请注意以下事项:

1. You may submit no more than two works.


2. If your work is a painting or photography, please submit a photo of jpg format, not exceeding 3000x3000 dpi

如果提交作品为绘画或摄影,请以不超过3000x3000 dpi的jpg格式提交(报名系统可直接提交)

3. If your work is a short video, please submit a video document in mp4 or mov format, not exceeding 20MB. Please submit your video HERE.


4. If your work is sculpture, art installation or other types, you may submit up to 2 photos, not exceeding 3000x3000 dpi each. In addition to photos, you may also submit a video document to better showcase your work. The format can be mp4 or mov, not exceeding 20MB. Please submit your video HERE.

如果提交作品为雕塑、装置或其他类型,可以提交不超过两张照片,不超过3000x3000 dpi的jpg格式(报名系统可直接提交);也可向此邮箱提交不超过20MB的视频。

5. Please note we may ask you to send the physical work if it is selected


6. Submission are open to children of members and non-members.


For any inquiries, please email: bing.chen@amcham-shanghai.org

*The header image: Blackfield, by Zadok Ben David (Israel)

Judging Panel

  • Juju Wang (Artist at Jujuwang)

    Juju Wang

    Artist at Jujuwang

    jujuwang,装置艺术家,毕业于加州大学伯克利分校。从大自然、诗歌和东方哲学中得到启发,通过大型艺术装置的创作与现代材料的结合,探索艺术、自然和文化之间的共通性。jujuwang的艺术实践与对生命意义的探索,和她的生活经历交织在一起。她的作品曾在中国,美国,法国,英国,瑞士,韩国等地展出,并受到众多国际一线品牌包括ACQUA DI PARMA, AP, AUDI, CANADA GOOSE, DIOR, GIVENCHY, SWAROVSKI, TIFFANY等的青睐,受邀与品牌展开跨界合作。 2019年,她被授予全球三位之一“Swarovski Designer of the Future”大奖;2020年,上榜中国艺术权力榜青年艺术家30榜单, 并获得罗博报告“年度青年艺术家”大奖。2019-2020年,上海美国商会授予她“年度未来领导者”和“年度委员会主席”奖项。2022年,上榜福布斯中国青年海归菁英100人。

    Chinese American installation artist, graduated from UC Berkeley. Inspired by Eastern philosophy and principles of humility, inner peace, and down to earth-ness, jujuwang’s practice is intertwined with her exploration of the meaning of life and her lived experience, where she explores the common ground between art, nature, and culture. Her works have been exhibited in China, U.S., France, England, Switzerland, Korean, and have received wide attention. At the same time, she has had numerous successful collaborations with top luxury brands including ACQUA DI PARMA, AP, AUDI, DIOR, CANADA GOOSE, GIVENCHY, SWAROVSKI, TIFFANY etc. In 2019, JUJUWANG was one of the three global talents to receive “Swarovski Designer of the Future Award”. In 2020, she was enlisted as one of the young artists on the “YOUTH POWER” by “ART POWER100” China, and was awarded “Young Artist of the Year” by Robb Report. From 2019-2020, she was awarded “Future Leader of the Year” and “Committee Leader of the Year” by AmCham Shanghai.In 2022, she was awarded outstanding overseas returnee by Forbes China.

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  • Michael Oviedo (Vice President at Collectors)

    Michael Oviedo

    Vice President at Collectors

    Michael Oviedo is currently the Vice President of PCGS International at Collectors Universe. Collectors Universe was founded in 1986 and is a leader in third-party grading and authentication services for collectibles ranging from coins to trading cards and autographs.

    Oviedo came to China in 2008 after completing a master’s degree in philosophy. Over the next nine years, he worked at Xiamen University, pursued an MBA at Arizona State University’s Thunderbird School of Global Management, and worked for The Related Companies in Shanghai as an investment director.
    He later returned to the US, where his lifelong interest in collecting sports cards led him to connect with the PSA division of Collectors. He eventually joined PCGS as the Director of International Business and now as vice president, he coordinates business operations and helps the company grow within Asia.

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  • Yemeng Li (Curator, Founder of

    Yemeng Li

    Curator, Founder of "Continuous Regeneration"


    曾荣获2020年福布斯2020年30岁以下精英、2021年Tatler GenT 艺术与可持续发展板块领军人物、2021年上海市生态环保推广大使、2021年入选首届“Green Woman Power 100”全球可100位持续发展杰出女性等多项殊荣。

    Yemeng Li has rich experience in sustainable development and is the initiator and curator of "Continuous Regeneration," the first IP in China that promotes sustainable development through cultural and artistic means. As an independent curator, she focuses on carbon neutrality, ESG, metaverse, and sustainable ecology themes.
    Yemeng has already organized more than 60 exhibitions,workshops,academic forums and cross-disciplinary activities in 38 countries and regions, inviting over 200 artists, designers, and creative individuals. At meantime, she has built connections with over 20 universities and art education institutions. So far, the number of visitors to hers personally curated offline exhibitions has exceeded 3 million.

    Yemeng has won many awards, including the Forbes 30 Under 30 Elite of 2020, the Tatler GenT Art and Sustainable Development Leading Figure in 2021, the Shanghai Ecological Environment Promotion Ambassador in 2021, and the Green Woman Power 100 Global Sustainable Development Outstanding Women's First Session in 2021.

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