As new and global challenges arise, leaders are seeing the need to create balanced and inclusive strategies to leverage multicultural talent and resources for future growth.

This two-day training workshop will introduce Sino Associates' 3A Global Leadership© model for leading intercultural teams: Awareness, Adaptation and Access.

By the end of this training, participants will be able to identify how culture plays a critical role in leadership, business and team interactions; adapt traditional tools to fit and work within a new cultural context to achieve greater business results; and begin to identify the best talent and organizational opportunities for continued growth.

The workshop will include interactive case studies, skills practice and participant sharing to create an engaging training where leaders can apply skills back at work.


  • Adopt the proactive leadership mindset of Global Leaders
  • Set objectives and a vision that can be cascaded across remote teams and diverse cultures
  • Ensure team alignment and engagement to take global team members with them
  • Build effective connections with global team members and stakeholders
  • Adopt a flexible yet assertive global style to ensure leaders can promote their ideas both to their teams and to global senior leadership
  • Better leverage global resources and connections to succeed in regional and global responsibilities


Awareness: Understanding the impact of culture on global roles, bring into focus new needs of global leadership positions, and identify the skills needed to lead globally

Adaptation: Identifying barriers to adaptation and creating tactics and strategies to build leadership agility in key scenarios and situations

Access: Ensure that global teams move with alignment and stay engaged on critical regional and global initiatives by removing barriers to success

Who Should Attend?


Leaders taking on a greater regional and global role


Day 1, January 13

  • Introduction, ice breaker, rules, and developmental goals
  • Awareness: The Global Leadership Mindset and Expectations of Others - Set a clear framework for leadership expectations and assessing gaps in current execution
  • Awareness: Cultural Style Indicator - Create a systematic approach to describing and evaluating cultural style and differences
  • Adaptation: Managing Culturally Diverse Styles on Global Teams - Leverage DIN tool to improve results and to team effectiveness on culturally diverse teams
  • Adaptation: Managing Barriers to Adaptation in Global Leadership - Measure and reduce the impact of barriers in fulfilling global leadership goals and expectations

Lunch (12:30 pm – 1:30 pm)

Day 2, January 14

  • Review Learning and Assignments from Day 1 - Evaluate learning and impact from first day
  • Adaptation: Showing Influence and Presence - Being present and influential on global team to better achieve personal and team targets
  • The Role of Access for Global Leaders - Establish best practices with collaborative team design and application through establishing Global Leadership scenarios and methods to establish effective Adaptation and Access
  • Creating Access to Global Leadership - Viewing connection between regions and local talent as keys to successful leadership
  • Assignment Selection and Action Plan - Applying the 3A model to work to create Access through best practices and methods to share them

Lunch (12:30 pm – 1:30 pm)


  • John Dorris (Founder & CCO of Sino Associates)

    John Dorris

    Founder & CCO of Sino Associates

    John is a Founder and the Chief Cultural Officer of Sino Associates with more than 20 years of training, coaching, and facilitation experience in Asia, including 18 years of leadership development experience in China. John has developed tens of thousands of professionals in leadership practices across Asia and North America with a focus on Global Leadership and coaching leaders transitioning to new roles.
    John is certified in 12 standard cross-cultural tools including assessments and training courses covering all major academic and business settings. His signature workshop on Diversity and Inclusion has been highly praised by fortune 100 companies, embassies and consulates across Asia.
    His Global Leadership courses prepare leaders to create impact and drive results on international teams and leverage proprietary tools such Sino’s VAE and 3A. He has worked with supervisor to executive level leaders from every corner of the world to be more effective and strategic in multinational organizations.
    John brings a wealth of knowledge to his clients through his rich international background having lived and worked in nine countries. Beyond to providing services to corporate clients, John has served as an APEC speaker on global balance in business and as an adjunct professor on the topics of leadership and coaching.

    John 是赛诺公司创始人之一兼首席文化官,在亚洲有超过20年的培训、教练以及引导经验,其中18年在中国进行领导力发展工作。他曾为亚洲及北美的数万名企业中高层管理者提供教练和咨询,聚焦于帮助他们提高跨国领导力,并为接任新职位的领导者提供教练服务。
    他拥有跨12个标准跨文化工具认证,涵盖了所有主要学术领域和商业环境认可的重要跨文化评估和培训课程。他的核心课程–“多样化和包容性”(Diversity & Inclusion),获得了世界100强企业以及驻亚洲大使、领事的高度认可。
    John 能够向客户传递丰富的知识,得益于他的多元化背景。他的生活和工作足迹遍及9个国家和地区:出生于新加坡,受教于美国外交之家,后来在亚洲、美国以及中东长大成人。他在美国和欧洲研究跨文化解决方案,并精通英语、国语和意大利语。

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