Born, developed and practiced at Google, the world-renowned mindfulness and emotional intelligence leadership program Search Inside Yourself (SIY) 2-day program returns to Shanghai this December. This program is one of the most highly rated leadership programs among Google employees. Over 50,000 people in more than 150 cities and 50 countries have taken this program including leaders in the United Nations, 3M, Didi Chuxing, Deloitte, PwC, Yum, SAP, Salesforce, LinkedIn, Ford, Roche and other global institutions and corporations.

About the program

This highly interactive live 2-day workshop is followed up with four weeks of virtual individual + peer-to-peer practices and completed with a communal webinar.

SIY uses highly practical and scientifically verified methods that improve mindfulness, emotional intelligence, resilience, creativity, communication, productivity and personal and organizational leadership. 

The program includes the following core components: 

  • Overview of the neuroscience of emotion, perception and behavior change 
  • Definition of emotional intelligence and its personal and professional benefits 
  • Attention training to enable greater emotional intelligence, including self-awareness, self-mastery, motivation and connection with self and others 
  • Principles and practices for developing healthy mental habits that accelerate wellbeing, including effective listening, generosity, empathy, communication and social skills 
  • Mindfulness and reflection practices that support happiness, thriving and overall wellbeing 
  • Exercises include attention training practice, dyad conversations, writing, walking and group conversations 

Who Should Attend?

  • Leaders and senior executives that seek to inspire by connecting and aligning with their stakeholders
  • Leaders and senior executives dealing with disruptive change who need headspace to swiftly innovate
  • Human resource decision makers that seek to unify corporate culture with an aligned purpose that interweaves the workplace
  • Innovators and creators who seek to design outside of the norm on a continual basis    
  • Educators that seek to increase overall wellbeing in and outside of classrooms
  • Wellness practitioners that want to create closer connection with their audiences 


SIY teaches mindfulness and emotional intelligence skills that facilitate strong collaboration, impactful leadership and overall sustained peak performance:

  • Resilience to bounce back from setbacks with a growth-oriented mindset which frames all experiences as learning opportunities for growth. According to the Harvard Business Review, managing stress over the long-term requires cultivating resilience skills before seeking external solutions so that you can frame changes, stresses, and challenges into opportunities.
  • Mindfulness which is the underpinning of emotional intelligence. According to leader in the field of emotional intelligence, Daniel Goleman, the development of emotional intelligence relies on becoming more self-aware, which can be trained through mindfulness. Being aware and open in the present, enables stability of mind and insight into how you are feeling and thinking. Mindfulness cultivates thoughtful responses versus defensive reactions. 
  • Emotional intelligence for strong collaboration, alignment and impactful leadership. The ability to recognize your own and other people's emotions and use this information to guide wise thinking and behavior. Workplace studies show that emotional competencies predict performance, leadership effectiveness, and well-being.
  • Head space which is fundamental to creative and innovative thinking. Jon Kabat-Zinn, the American professor emeritus of medicine and the creator of the Stress Reduction Clinic and the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society at the University of Massachusetts Medical School - argues that one of the real barriers to developing creativity is our lack of training in the "deep interior capacities" of attention and awareness. As we grow in mindfulness through meditation and openness to our life and our world, we can cultivate the power of silence and stillness to access our innate imagination and creativity.
  • Empathy to connect and communicate more effectively by learning to attune to the emotional undertone in relationships. According to Jamil Zaki, professor of psychology at Stanford University and author of "The War for Kindness: Building Empathy in a Fractured World," research indicates empathic workplaces tend to enjoy stronger collaboration, less stress and greater morale. 

Incorporating all of these traits into regular practice creates a positive emotional and mental state which is the foundation of impactful and inspiring leadership.


08:30am Registration

09:00am Start

12:30pm Lunch

05:00pm END

Please note that lunch is not included. Enough time will be allocated during lunch break for attendees to have lunch in nearby restaurants of their choice. 


  • Dr. Lorna Doucet (Associate Professor at Fudan School of Management)

    Dr. Lorna Doucet

    Associate Professor at Fudan School of Management

    Lorna has taught SIY and customized mindfulness-based emotional intelligence programs for business and educational organizations in Asia and North America. She combines academic rigor with practical wisdom and caring, helping leaders understand concepts and implement transformational practices in daily life.

    In addition to teaching SIY, Lorna is an Associate Professor at Fudan School of Management, where she helps a wide range of students including executives and full-time MBAs reach their highest potential through mindfulness-based emotional intelligence. In her teaching, she draws on her academic research, her multiple publications in top tier academic journals and her leadership experience in TEDxPuxi, TEDxShanghaiWomen, and Labatt Brewing Company.

    Early in her career, Lorna worked as chemical engineer, drawing on her strong analytical capabilities. But ultimately, she found her true passion in the area of emotional intelligence. She has conducted research and taught courses on emotional intelligence for over 20 years. Over the years, Lorna has become increasingly convinced of the importance of mindfulness in building emotional intelligence.

    Lorna began a daily meditation practice in 2014 and has completed 10-day silent meditation retreats at Insight Meditation Society and at Quebec Vipassana Meditation Centre-Dhamma Suttama. Lorna also practices interpersonal mindfulness at Authentic Montreal.

    Lorna holds a PhD in Management from Wharton and a BSc in Chemical Engineering from University of Ottawa. She splits her time between Shanghai and Montreal and loves the live jazz scenes in both cities

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  • Dr. Bjoern Lindemann

    Dr. Bjoern Lindemann

    Dr. Bjoern Lindemann is Mindfulness & Leadership Coach with a passion for personal growth and professional development. Bjoern provides trainings based on mindfulness and emotional intelligence skills to boost organizational performance and help managers become inspiring, driven, and insightful individuals. He also works to roll-out strategies for leadership and mindfulness programs in businesses and organizations across Asia and Europe.

    Bjoern was born in Germany, and, for the past 15 years, he has held leading positions in manufacturing, business associations, consulting, academia and NGOs in Asia. Currently, he is a General Manager of a German manufacturing company in China and a Board Member of the German Chamber of Commerce in China. Drawing from his own vast experience as a leader, Bjoern understands the challenges and complexity of today’s business world and helps leaders grow personally and professionally and inspire their teams. He has facilitated successful leadership programs for executive teams and leaders from Fortune 500 companies, such as Volkswagen, and entrepreneurs and alumni groups from leading international business schools, such as INSEAD and CEIBS.

    Bjoern holds a Master's Degree in Political Science, a PhD in Chinese Studies, Executive MBAs from INSEAD and Tsinghua University, and is a certified Search Inside Yourslef (SIY) teacher.

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A prepayment is required for all ticket types. Lunch and dinner is not included within the ticket.


Early Bird Ticket stops at November 18, 2021.


Standard Ticket
Standard Price RMB 8,000
Early Bird

Until Nov. 18, 2021

Registration & Refund

  • All registrations shall be made online before the session. For full-day sessions, payment also shall be made before the session.
  • Limited spaces are available and attendance will be given on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Please be noted that the session is non-refundable.
  • A VAT fapiao will be couriered to you within 5 working days after the event.

Previous Participants

CEO's, GM's, VP's and directors, as well as corporate groups, attended from the following organizations. Join us, you'll be in good company. 


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