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In the context of China hosting the UN Convention on Biological Diversity in Kunming in October, at which governments are due to agree on a new international framework to tackle biodiversity loss, the destruction and degradation of nature, and the services it provides, presents risks that may outstrip those of climate change. What does this mean for the business community? How can companies align their strategies and operations with biodiversity goals? And from which examples of models and practices can we learn?

AmCham Shanghai would like to invite you to join this free online Zoom session on Thursday, June 17, 2021, from 2:00 to 3:15 pm, where we will examine the economic and public health risks of biodiversity loss and assess the "biodiversity financing gap". The financing gap, estimated to be around over US$ 700 billion per year, cannot be closed by governments alone, so this session will explore the policies and frameworks needed to drive private sector investment into protecting and restoring nature, as well as showcasing some of the best business practices from China and beyond.


2021年6月17日周四下午2:00至3:30,上海美国商会邀请您参加本次线上活动。我们将探讨生物多样性锐减对经济和公共健康所造成的风险,评估"生物多样性融资缺口" 及其对企业自身业务发展的关系。每年生物多样性融资缺口约超过7000亿美元,仅靠政府投入是远远不够的。本次活动将探讨如何推动私营部门参与投资自然保护和相应的政策框架支持,分享来自中国和其它国家的最佳商业实践。

Agenda 议程 :

13:50 Registration & Login


14:00 Welcome Remarks - Tina Ren, Deputy Chief Representative, Paulson Institute


14:05 Presentation: Financing Nature, the Risks of Biodiversity Loss and how to Close the Biodiversity Financing Gap

主旨演讲: 为自然融资:生物多样性危机和填补资金缺口

14:25 Presentation: Innovative Corporate Practices for Biodiversity

主旨演讲: 应对生物多样性挑战:企业案例和创新实践

14:45 Presentation: Business Participation in CBD COP15

主旨演讲: COP15的背景及企业参与

15:00 Q&A


15:15 Event Ends


We will have online language interpreters on this Zoom webinar via desktop clients. Click interpretation in the meeting controls if you need "Chinese" to "English" interpretation.

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  • Terry Townshend (Advisor at Paulson Institute)

    Terry Townshend

    Advisor at Paulson Institute

    Terry Townshend is an Advisor to the Paulson Institute, where he focuses on policy and communications for the Conservation program. With a background in environmental law, economics, and wildlife conservation, Terry has held leadership positions at Globe International and the UK government (Defra). He was lead author of the inaugural, now annual, Globe Climate Legislation Study, examining climate-related legislation in 100 countries. Since 2010, he has been based in Beijing, initially as an advisor to the Chinese government on the drafting of a General Law on Climate Change. In recent years, Terry has focused on his passion, wildlife conservation, creating the “Birding Beijing” website to celebrate the wildlife of China’s capital city. In 2017 he devised and helped set up a community-based wildlife watching project on the Tibetan plateau, the first of its kind in China and, in 2020, Terry was a co-author of the groundbreaking “Financing Nature: Closing the Biodiversity Financing Gap”, showing how to fund global nature conservation over the next ten years.

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  • Tina Ren (Deputy Chief Representative at Paulson Institute)

    Tina Ren

    Deputy Chief Representative at Paulson Institute

    As Deputy, Tina Ren partners with the Chief Representative of the Paulson Institute’s China office in leading and coordinating teams to manage new and existing projects and initiatives.  She assists in the oversight of key initiatives such as Prize and Mayors’ Training Program.  Ms. Ren is also responsible for developing and implementing a comprehensive communications and media engagement strategy for the Paulson Institute in China.

    Prior to joining the Paulson Institute, Tina was the Chief Representative and General Manager for Falcon and Associates, working on behalf of Dubai’s leadership to deepen Dubai-China relations. From 2011 to 2015, Tina was the Associate Director of Public Affairs at Ogilvy China, where she led strategic communications and the award-winning nation branding practice. From 2006 to 2011 Tina worked as Education Marketing Manager at the Cultural and Education Section of the British Embassy (British Council) to China.

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  • Huidong Wang (Chief Conservation Officer at The Nature Conservancy China)

    Huidong Wang

    Chief Conservation Officer at The Nature Conservancy China

    Mr. Huidong Wang joined TNC China Program in 2020. As Chief Conservation Officer, he leads program teams (Land, Freshwater, Climate, and Ocean) and function teams (Communication & Marketing, External Affairs, Corporate Engagement, and Conservation Strategy). Mr. Wang acquired a bachelor’s degree in economics, an MBA and a Ph.D. of Management from Peking University. He has accumulated rich experiences in strategy management and renewable energy during his work as Vice President in two large private companies. Before joining TNC, Mr. Wang also had working experiences with a Central government agency, a large state-owned industry group, WWF, UNDP, and Jane Goodall Institute (China).

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  • Shawn Qin (Deputy Director of Corporate Engagement at The Nature Conservancy China)

    Shawn Qin

    Deputy Director of Corporate Engagement at The Nature Conservancy China

    Mr. Qin joined TNC in October 2020, As Deputy Director of Corporate Engagement, He is responsible for corporate communication and cooperation to promote TNC's activities in China. In addition, he supports the global zero-deforestation project. Mr. Qin graduated from China Agricultural University in 2010 with a doctorate in plant pathology.

    Before joining TNC, he worked in multinational companies such as Monsanto and Mars, engaged in project management, external cooperation, market insight, and other related fields.

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