Today's business environment is a challenging place. To stay ahead of the competition, organizations must address marketplace demands swiftly and execute their new strategy initiatives flawlessly. Implementing new strategies requires change, and change requires people at all levels in the organization to be fully engaged and energized. However, change often results in employees who become frustrated or frozen. The organization then quickly becomes reactive rather than proactive, losing the speed and adaptability that won customers in the first place. The organization and its people often need help seeing change in positive, energizing terms.

今天的商业环境因充满着经济的不确定性而挑战重重。 在这种环境下若要保持竞争优势,组织必须能迅速响应市场需求,并准确无误地执行其新的战略举措。 然而,在充满变数的环境中,新战略的实施要求组织上上下下皆能以饱满的热情投入和参与。而变革通常引发的是员工的挫败感。组织也会很快由主动变为被动,丧失在第一时间赢得客户的速度和应变能力。因此,组织及其成员亟需帮助——为他们能以积极的视角和状态看待和投入变革而赋能。

Session Outline

第一部分:正视变革  (45 分钟)


  • 理解挑战
  • -  通过"变革周期模型"了解变革的动态发展规律,探讨领导者在变革周期中带领团队走出"过渡期"的责任。
  • -  通过"选择模型",了解人们在变革中通常会表现的三种反应。

  • 做什么——打造团队复原力
  • -  定义"复原力", 检查,进行复原力自测。  
  • -  介绍"引领变革三步法"。

第二部分 : 引领变革——应对损失、重聚能量三步法(2小时30分钟)

目的:学习识别变革中人们能对"损失"的不同认知, 学习运用自我管理、干预和支持技巧来帮助自己和他人重聚能量,在变革中以机遇的心态前行。

  • 步骤一:了解损失, 坦然接受
  • -  理解变革中人们对 "失"的不同认知。  
  • -  学习"自我管理"模型,用"自我谈话"技术获得正面行为。

  • 步骤二:主动干预, 帮助他人 
  • -  关注下属标志"损失"的行为表现。
  • -  进行与变革有关的辅导谈话。

  • 步骤三:引领变革过程
  • -  过渡时期的三种心态 (危机/生存/机遇),引领"第三种故事"。
  • -  制定与团队沟通"以机遇的心态前行"的策略。


Part 1:Facing Challenging Times (45 minutes)

Purpose: Explore the impact of business environment to organizations and human being energy

  • Understand the Challenges
  • -  Learn the change development patterns from The Change Cycle model, discuss the roles the leaders must play during the changing period.
  • -  Explore the Choice Model, understand 3 typical choices that people make in times of change.

  • What to do ---- Build Resilience
  • -  Understand the definition of Resilience, complete a Resilience Audit.
  • -  Introduce Three Steps Leading the Change.

Section 2: Leading Change ---- Address Loss, Refocus Energy (2.5hrs) 

Purpose: Recognize how people perceive loss in times of change, learn the 3 Steps to refocus energy and move forward.

  • Step1: Recognize and reconcile your own loss
  • -  Understand how people perceive loss in times of change.
  • -  Learn The Self-Management Model, use Self-talk to help reconcile your own loss and demonstrate positive behaviors.

  • Step2: Intervene to help others  
  • -  Observe people' s behaviors indicating their loss.
  • -  Conduct change conversations.

  • Step 3: Leading the changing process
  • -  Explore the 3 mindsets (Crisis/Survival/ Potential) at changing times, lead from Story Three.
  • -  Develop your team communication strategy of moving forward in the context of opportunity.

Close and possible next steps

学员收获 Payoff


  • 自己和团队成员在变革时代的心理、能量状况的出现的变化的理解 
  • 一种方法——提升自己的复原力,抓住变革可能带来的机遇  
  • 一种方法——帮助团队走出"过渡期",以一种视变革为机遇的心态前行  

Upon completion of this program, you will be able to:

  • Understand what happens to people and yourself energy, feelings, and response in the times of change
  • Have an approach to be resilient , take charge by seizing the opportunity to move through change
  • Have an approach to help the team to walk out in-between time and move forward in the context of opportunity.


  • Catherine Zheng (Wilson Learning China Limited Shanghai)

    Catherine Zheng

    Wilson Learning China Limited Shanghai

    HKBU (Hong Kong Baptist University) MBA
    Secondary Psychological Counselor
    MCC Certified
    City&Guids (UK) Certified International Enterprise Trainer
    IOSTA International OH card Holder
    Senior Family Education Instructor in China Youth Research Center

    Catherine has played different roles in different cultural backgrounds and different industry organizations, such as entrepreneurs, professional managers (senior executives) and leadership mentors. She has accumulated complex and practical experience in business operations, business development and personnel training.
    Catherine has been has accumulated rich cognitive experience from all walks of society through her over ten years host, journalist and editor in radio and television industry career. The experience of individual psychology and EAP consulting service in enterprises in the following ten years has made various states produced by his interaction with people, humanity and society and organizations more rational and intuitive.

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