This training aims to provide some fundamental legal and practical knowledge regarding the employment related issues in relation to the restructuring of a company. With real cases and analysis sharing, the participants will gain the information and the understanding required to allow them to ensure a smooth restructuring operation.


Benefits for the participants:

  • Participants start by learning the essentials of company law in regard to restructuring and the fundamental employment-related legal regulations and elements relevant to restructuring cases.
  • Participants gain an understanding of the employment-related procedures in case of company restructuring, the importance of employee engagement and the key points of correctly handling employee relationship in restructuring situation.
  • Through case studies, discussions and Q&A sections, participants will gain insights and skills related to employment issues in restructuring, and will be better-prepared when facing real restructuring.
  • 学员们将首先学习与架构重组有关的公司法要点,以及公司架构重组中与劳动相关的基本法律法规和要素。
  • 学员们将学习公司架构重组中劳动相关的程序、员工参与的重要性以及在重组中正确处理员工关系的要点。
  • 通过案例学习、讨论和问答环节,学员们将学习公司架构重组中与劳动相关问题的见解和相关处理技巧,并为可能面临的实际公司架构重组项目做好准备。 

Session Outline

  • Trainer introduction
  • Course objectives
  • Introduction to essentials of company law in regard to restructuring: overview of different restructuring options.
  • Introduction to relevant fundamental employment-related legal regulations in application to restructuring situations.
  • Presentation of employment procedures during a restructuring process.
  • Mechanisms and key points of a smooth employee relationship management during restructuring
  • Case sharing and analysis
  • Wrap-up and review
  • 讲师介绍
  • 课程目标
  • 架构重组的公司法要点介绍:不同重组方案概述
  • 架构重组中劳动相关基本法律法规介绍
  • 架构重组过程中与劳动相关的程序介绍
  • 架构重组期间顺利进行员工关系管理的机制和要点
  • 案例分享与分析
  • 总结与回顾

Who Should Attend?

This training is aimed for managers in organizations planning or facing a restructuring regardless the company size. It is suitable for people in different management roles, who may need to gain fundamental employment-related legal knowledge, understand the procedures relevant to a restructuring and potential issues regarding employee relationship management to facilitate a smooth restructuring situation.



  • 09:00 Registration & Networking
  • 09:15 Morning Session
  • 10:45 Coffee Break
  • 11:00 Morning Session
  • 12:10 Lunch
  • 13:15 Afternoon Session
  • 15:45 Coffee Break
  • 16:00 Afternoon Session
  • 17:00 Session Ends
  • 09:00 签到&交流
  • 09:15 上午课程
  • 10:45 上午茶歇
  • 11:00 上午课程
  • 12:10 午餐
  • 13:15 下午课程
  • 15:45 下午茶歇
  • 16:00 下午课程
  • 17:00 课程结束

Refreshments and lunch will be served for the attendees.



  • Maggie JIA (Partner at Dawo Law Firm Shanghai)

    Maggie JIA

    Partner at Dawo Law Firm Shanghai

    Maggie Jia is a lawyer and heads DaWo Law Firm’s Employment & Compliance practice. Maggie primarily focuses on labour law and social security law. She provides legal advices and practical solutions for private and foreign invested companies, for employees’ dispatch agencies and for senior managers.

    Maggie has led dozens of massive employment projects, such as group dismissal, factory relocation, companies restructuring. She also assisted with and provides strategic solutions in terms of employee strikes, employment audit, compliance investigation, white collar crime and other employment related issues.

    Maggie holds a bachelor’s degree from the East China University of Political Science and Law in Shanghai (China) and a master’s degree from the Friedrich Schiller University Jena, in Germany.

    贾茜律师是达沃合伙人, 负责劳动与合规部门。她的主要执业领域为劳动法和社会保障法。贾律师为私企、外企、劳动派遣单位和公司高管提供法律咨询和解决方案。


    贾律师于华东政法大学获得学士学位, 并于在德国耶拿·弗里德里希·席勒大学取得经济法硕士学位。

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Please use your own name and email when registering for a training session. Additional fees may apply if you fail to register under your own identity. 

A prepayment is required for all training sessions. 


Member Ticket
Member Price RMB 3,650
Member Company Employee Ticket
Standard Price RMB 3,650
Non-Member Ticket
Standard Price RMB 4,650


  • All registrations shall be made online before the session. For full-day sessions, payment also shall be made before the session.
  • For full-day sessions, AmCham Shanghai members are eligible to attend at "Member Rate"; Employees who work at AmCham Shanghai member companies are eligible to attend at "Employee Rate"; Non-members are eligible to attend at "Non-Member Rate".
  • Limited spaces are available and attendance will be given on a first-come, first-served basis.
Cancellation Policy
  • Cancellation: If you need to cancel your registration, please notify David Ma at (86 21) 6169 3016 or email david.ma@amcham-shanghai.org at least two weeks prior to the session for a full refund. Cancellation made within two weeks before the session will not be refundable.


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