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Whether it is from national strategy or enterprise development planning, intelligent manufacturing is a topic that cannot be avoided. Along with the development of intelligent manufacturing, the core of the current manufacturing development is "artificial intelligence" and "automation". However, the automation process, production efficiency and product quality of the Chinese manufacturing industry are uneven. The road to artificial intelligence and automation is faced with enormous challenges.

Based on the state of the country, we invited experts working in the industry to work with us to create this course. The course content is comprehensive and interlocking. From concept analysis to development deduction, from technical interpretation to case disassembly, to help enterprises break through their limitations and achieve more effective intelligent development in the process of promoting intelligent manufacturing.




Course Outline

Module 1 The basic concept of Industry 4.0

  • What is Industry 4.0?
  • Why promote Industry 4.0
  • Development goals and development direction
  • The key stage of the development of Industry 4.0
  • China, the United States, Germany strategic planning and deployment

Module 2 Ten features of the future factory

  • Vertical integration
  • Horizontal integration
  • Open platform
  • Staff optimization
  • Flat organization
  • Production localization
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Big data analysis
  • Modular production
  • Platform-based business model

Module 3 Core technology in intelligent manufacturing

  • Top design
  • Lean production
  • Scientific evaluation system
  • Sensors
  • Robotics
  • Innovative production system
  • Modern IT system

Module 4 Enterprise application case in the context of Industry 4.0

  • Intelligent supply chain management
  • Production management
  • Quality management
  • Logistics management
  • Equipment Management

Module 5 Intelligent manufacturing in the LCD industry

  • Industry status analysis
  • Industry benchmark introduction
  • Industry development direction and trends

模块一 工业4.0的基本概念

  • 什么是工业4.0
  • 为什么推行工业4.0
  • 发展目标与发展方向
  • 工业4.0发展的关键阶段
  • 中、美、德战略规划与部署

模块二 未来工厂的十个特征

  • 纵向集成
  • 横向集成
  • 开放式平台
  • 人员优化
  • 扁平化组织
  • 生产本地化
  • 人工智能
  • 大数据分析
  • 模块化生产
  • 基于平台的商业模式

模块三 智能制造中的核心技术

  • 顶层设计
  • 精益生产
  • 科学的评估体系
  • 传感器
  • 机器人
  • 创新性生产系统
  • 现代IT系统

模块四  工业4.0背景下的企业应用案例

  • 智能供应链管理
  • 生产管理
  • 质量管理
  • 物流管理
  • 设备管理

模块五  液晶行业的智能制造

  • 行业现状分析
  • 行业标杆介绍
  • 行业发展方向、趋势


Online Course: Project-based learning, a total of 5 modules, 120 minutes, including scene examples, video explanations, case discussions, after-school testing, partner circle discussions, etc. The course supports computer and mobile phone playback.

1. Practical case application analysis

Practice case analysis, intuitive and clear practical application

2. Low-structured course

Low-structured curriculum to efficiently match fragmented learning

3. Learning project to unlock learning

The course is developed in the form of a learning project, helping to unlock to practically learn the course curriculum. Afterwards participants will be tested where only full marks will allow progression to the next stage, and finally a wrap up by sharing the course theme collectively with your partners

4. Learn independently, anytime, anywhere

Online courses allow for independent study, which can be customized through mobile phones, computers, and personalization.

5. Save time and travel costs

Though ensuring participant learning, the physical travel is reduced and work is not affected, making travel and time costs are saved








4. 随时随地自主学习

线上课程具有一定时间段的学习期, 可通过手机、电脑弹性化、个性化开展学习




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