• 中国个人所得税优惠政策的延续及潜在变化趋势
  • 美国拜登政府拨款800亿进一步加强稽查及执法力度
  • 中美个人所得税合规性要求及两国税收协定的适用
  • 股权激励中美个税相关议题
  • 中美个税案例分享及热点话题总结


AmCham Shanghai invites you to join a presentation on key points of Individual Income Tax Compliance of Multinational Enterprises in China and the US and Risk Response on Thursday, June 15 from 3:00 - 4:30 pm at the AmCham Shanghai Conference Center.

With the WHO declaring that the new crown epidemic is no longer a "public health emergency of international concern" and the increase in flights between China and the United States, the global economy continues to recover, and economic and cultural exchanges between regions are gradually returning to normal. We have also seen more and more Chinese and American multinational company executives begin to take on more geographical responsibilities. However, considering the complexity and differences between the tax systems of the two places, as well as the continuous strengthening of the supervision of the tax authorities of the two countries in recent years, how to achieve dual taxation compliance and effectiveness of employers and employees in China and the United States has become a multinational enterprise to achieve international The top priority of the layout.

In this sharing session, tax experts combined policies and cases to analyze the compliance points of individual income tax of multinational companies in China and the United States and the direction of tax cost risk response.

Our tax experts will provide updates on the following:

  • The Continuation and Potential Trends of Preferential Individual Income Tax Policies in China
  • US Biden administration allocates 80 billion to strengthen inspection and law enforcement further
  • China-US individual income tax compliance requirements and the application of the tax treaty between the two countries
  • Issues related to equity incentives in China and the United States
  • Sharing of individual tax cases in China and the United States and summary of hot topics


  • Shirley Zheng (Associate Director, US Individual Income Tax at P&O Tax Team of PricewaterhouseCoopers Consultants)

    Shirley Zheng

    Associate Director, US Individual Income Tax at P&O Tax Team of PricewaterhouseCoopers Consultants

    Shirley is an associate director, who specializes in US individual income tax at PwC People and Organization Tax Services team in the Shanghai office. She had a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, she also had an exchange study at the University of Miami. She is a US Enrolled Agent (EA), authorized by the United States government to represent taxpayers in matters regarding the IRS.

    Shirley has more than 14 years of work experience in US tax in China and overseas. Since she joined PwC in China in 2011, she has also been involved in China's individual income tax matters as well, committed to both China and US tax services rendered to US tax residents who work and live in China. She helps multinational clients with global mobility tax consulting and compliance tax matters relating to cross-border employment.

    She has extensive experience in US tax services for high-net-worth individuals in China. She provides personalized services and solutions to these high-net-worth individuals and families by addressing their complex and unique tax matters including tax compliance reporting, pre-IPO, equity plans, family wealth, etc. She served the high net worth individual clients involving different industries, a sizable part of her practice involves investment funds, biotech clients, and other high-technology clients.

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  • Smiley Gao (Senior Manager, China Individual Income Tax at P&O Tax Team at PricewaterhouseCoopers Consultants)

    Smiley Gao

    Senior Manager, China Individual Income Tax at P&O Tax Team at PricewaterhouseCoopers Consultants

    Smiley Gao is a Senior Manager of the PwC People &Organization Tax team, specializing in employment taxes compliance and planning, human resource consulting, and other services related to people and organization strategy. She has supported organizations with employment tax obligations on a global scale. Smiley graduated from Shanghai International Studies University and is a member of China Certified Tax Expert.

    Smiley’s client portfolio includes financial services, pharmaceuticals, high-technology, manufacturing, retail, High-net-worth individuals, etc.

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